What's The Difference Between Tape and Liquid Toupee Adhesive?

Connecting human hair systems effectively requires tape or glue, and the choice often depends on the substrate, base design, your lifestyle and preferences! If your goal is to make lasting connections, consider whether you are very active and sweat a lot, or whether you live in extreme heat or cold.

What's the difference between duct tape and liquid hairpieces adhesive? Read on to find out more...

Base material

Different names are used to describe basic materials, including:

Thin skin: Different layers of liquid polyurethane are brushed and heated and dried to produce skins of different thickness.

Poly: solid polyurethane with a thickness greater than 0.08mm.

Lace: French lace and Swiss lace are common.

Mono: Short for monofilaments, the most common are fine mono, fine weld mono and superfine weld mono.

NPU/PU coating: Use two layers of gauze and the inner layer of the net, and then coat the base.

Men Toupee Glue

The glue on men's toupee has the advantage of being very strong and providing a more precise attachment. A typical way to apply glue to the scalp is to use a spatula or brush, so that the exact location can be determined, resulting in a very natural hairline.

The perfect fitting of the curves allows for an imperceptible front hairline when fitted with a thin skin or low-density hair replacement systems. When liquid adhesives dry, there is little luster, which is another benefit, and durability is also a key factor.

Glue A disadvantage of adhesives is that they can flow if not applied properly. Another disadvantage is that the drying time may be much longer, and the bonding process may not be correct because several layers are required between drying times.

Other problems with liquid adhesives are that the chemicals in the glue are often flammable, and any fumes can irritate, especially if you have any breathing problems.

Glue is especially suitable for thin leather bottom, transparent poly base French lace or Swiss lace front, as well as poly edge and back.

Toupee Adhesive

Tape is so versatile that most substrates work well with it, but the ultra-thin skin is easy to tear. It's easy to connect, and if something goes wrong, it can be repositioned using a spray specifically designed to loosen the tape.

Tape is also best for sensitive skin and comes in a variety of types. Contour tapes, thinner lace front tapes, traditional waterproof strips and double-sided hair systems tape are readily available.

One drawback of the duct tape method is that it is easier to remove, so occasionally it can be accidentally pulled down with attached hair, which can cause injury. Then reconnecting may cause persistence problems. Keep in mind that duct tape can cause an unnatural hairline with a sheen that may be noticeable on certain bases.