What Is A Weft Wig

Hair wefts are hair fibers (synthetic hair or human hair) that are sewn to a material to form a row of hair strands. Wefts usually make up the basic wig cap. Wigs made like this tend to be on the less expensive end of the wig scale, but they're bulky and comfortable to wear. Wefts can help provide a nice look and help hide the structure of the wig. There are many kinds of wefts You can use wefts made from natural human hair or synthetic hair. Whether you choose one or the other will depend on many factors, the most important being the amount you're willing to spend.

Advantages of weft wig
One of the main advantages of the weft wig is that it is ventilated, allowing better air circulation to keep the head cool. Here's an idea for those who live in warm climates prone to heat. Weft wigs contain a seam that secures the bottom of the hair to the cap, and the top of the structure is usually left open as the cap. Wearing a weft wig allows the scalp to breathe while wearing the huaman hair wig. The presence of a weft in the middle of the entire cap means that there is no solid cap in the wig. The end result is a lightweight and breathable wig that is comfortable for the wig wearer. If you have a sensitive scalp, the weft wig should not cause any irritation. Weft wigs are easy to maintain because they don't move around and are firmly attached to the scalp. They just need washing and conditioning from time to time.

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