Traveling with Your Hair System: Tips and Tricks for Traveling Mistakes

It's easy to get carried away by the excitement of the holidays and forget about the little details -- like packing your fourth pair of socks or sunscreen. After all, we wait a long time for a chance to unwind from our daily lives. Although for those of us traveling with wigs, there are some hair system maintenance tips to keep in mind to keep your vacation going smoothly. Read on to learn more!

Correct packaging:
When traveling, making sure everything is packed and everything fits is always a challenge. Let's not even get started about airline baggage fees for extra luggage or luggage that is overweight! While traveling with a hair system, packing is very important, as improperly packing a hairpiece can lead to unnecessary damage and a bad hair day at the beach.

So how should you package your hair system? The first step is to turn your hairpiece inside out so the bottom of the hair system is facing out. You can then place the hair system in the hairnet and then put it in a plastic bag. In this way, you can protect your wig from getting caught by other things in your luggage or coming in contact with any liquid products that might leak in your luggage (like the sunscreen we mentioned earlier ) when you put your hair system comes in a plastic bag, it is important to seal it thoroughly, making sure not to push air out of the bag and squeeze your human hair replacement hairpiece as this will interfere with its shape.

Stay in shape:
No, we're not talking about beach bodies! Here, we're talking about making sure your hair system stays in good shape throughout the holidays. Packing your hair system nicely as instructed above without squeezing it is a good start. Although once you get to your destination, you'll want to take your hair system out of the bag and hang it somewhere to keep it in shape - preferably a portable wig stand. If you don't have a stand available, you can find mirrors, coat racks, ice buckets, or similar fixtures as substitutes in your hotel room.

Bring the right product:
It's also important to bring enough of your favorite hairpiece adhesive with you when traveling.

You'll also want to make sure you bring all the maintenance supplies you need to keep your hair system in good shape even when you're away from home!

Bring a backup:
As we've discussed in previous posts, having a spare hair system is never a bad idea. Even considering the price of a custom hair system, having a spare toupee can get you out of trouble or avoid excessive wear on your favorite hair. Not sure what to choose for your next hair system? Our hair systems buyer's guide has some great advice to help you find the best option for you and your needs!

By keeping these tips in mind, you can have a fun and hassle-free vacation while looking your best! Knowing that your hair system is well taken care of, you will be able to relax and give you the freedom to enjoy your precious vacation. Make the most of your free time, whether it's at the pool, the beach, or a snowy destination!