Should You Tell Your Partner Or Date That You Are Wearing A Hair System?

One of the biggest debates for those who wear hair systems or wigs is whether they should tell their partner or date that they are wearing one, and if so, when is the best time to do so. While there's no real right answer, as it's really a case by case approach, this blog will examine the topic in more detail and hopefully provide you with the answers you're looking for.

Why don't men want to reveal their wearing hair system?
In general, men tend to keep the fact that they wear human hair replacement systems a secret. The main reason is that, unlike wigs or extensions, men's toupee or wigs are barely socially acceptable or devalued. This is not to say that overall there has been no progress. Today, the growing public continues to be surprised by the extent to which wigs have developed and their natural appearance and ideal solution for men with hair loss. But overall, the male hair system is still not widely accepted as a real solution compared to less safe and less reliable hair transplants. Although the hair system can be seen almost in the same way as makeup or eyelash extensions.

Because of this stigma, men are often afraid to tell their partners or dates if they are wearing hair systems. After all, what if all went well, except that things fell apart when your partner realized you were bald or that the hair you were wearing wasn't actually hair from your own scalp?

When you should and shouldn't reveal that you're wearing a toupee?
In some cases, it is advisable to disclose as early as possible that you are wearing a hair system or wig. For example, if you see a future with a potential partner, it's best to disclose this as soon as possible. Of course, in most cases, you won't know if the previous date or two has a future. But once you've identified or at least had a good idea, it's best to act on it immediately, or risk lying, which could surprise your partner or make them miserable. On the other hand, if you tell them early, they are more likely to accept you and your ways, especially if they have the same interest in you.

But if it's something more casual, you can get away with not mentioning it. Again, this is not something to bring up on a first date. After all, how common is it for your date to tell you about any surgery or procedure they're having in the first meeting? Hair systems or wigs are essentially the same as cosmetic accessories.

It should be noted that caution is advised whenever you decide to tell. While for some hair wearers they have little problem telling their partner or date that they're wearing a wig, others haven't had the same success. If possible, bring up the subject in a subtle way to see how your partner feels about wigs in general. Use your intuition and try to determine how they would react to your exposure in a wig. If you feel they will be comfortable and accept you, please feel free to mention!

If not, and you feel it will undermine your relationship, you can wait until your relationship develops and develops further, or consider ending it. The latter is not ideal, of course, but in the long run it's better to be with someone who accepts you for who you are than someone who is ready to end things just because you have no hair.

Are you considering using a hair system or wig?
Maybe you don't wear a human hair system yet, but you're thinking about it because you're losing your hair. Perhaps dating with a hair system is your idea, which is why you came across this blog in the first place.

If you feel that you are ready to take the first step towards a hair-wearing system regardless of how your future partner feels, please consider booking an online consultation with us to not only learn more about hair accessories in general, but also find out what hair accessories are right for you and your preferences.