How To Wear A Hair System While Exercising

Wearing a hair system shouldn't negatively impact your daily life - far from it, it should improve your life! You may have heard the myth that wearing a hair system requires you to adjust your routine and habits. Whether you're wearing a custom wig or a regular wig, that's far from the truth. If you follow a hair system maintenance routine and take the right precautions when wearing your wig, you can become so comfortable that you may forget to put it on - even while exercising!

Wearing a hair system shouldn't stop you from playing sports at all. Doing exercise and wearing a hair system are actually complementary in that they both boost your self-esteem and help you feel your best.

While exercise can make you feel great, it can also make you sweat, which means some precautions should be considered when wearing a hair system. Here are some tips to help you prepare for exercise while wearing your hair.

Land sports: football, volleyball, baseball, etc.
Running around, hitting the ball, and keeping up with your team is sure to make your scalp sweat more. You should consider trying a hair system with a lace base, as it allows your skin to more easily breathe through the small holes in the lace. Plus the added ventilation will reduce scalp irritation and reduce wig odor.

Water sports: swimming, diving, etc.
Water sports require different solutions. With water sports, the friction of the water on the hair makes a strong bond even more important. In this case, Poly base hair systems are recommended as they are more durable than lace systems and can be fixed directly to the scalp with wigs. If you prefer to use a lacing system, a shower cap is recommended.

Contact sports: boxing, karate, judo, etc.
Preparing the rough contact motion of the hair system can be a little tricky. The best precaution you can take is to use a strong hair-bonding adhesive, and while it may be difficult to avoid, you should also avoid touching your head or pulling or entangling the wig.

Sports that require a helmet: cycling, horse riding, etc.
It is still possible to participate in all of these sports while wearing a hair system, although wearing a helmet can cause minor damage to your wig, there are some precautions you can take to minimize this. Always be sure to use a high-quality, comfortable helmet that fits your head and hair system. Doing this will not only ensure you are safe, but also ensure that your hair system is well taken care of.

Use high-quality adhesives
Whether you have a regular wig or a custom one, no matter what event you're attending, a strong bond is essential to keep your hair system looking good.

Practice a good hair system maintenance routine
Taking good care of your wig before and after exercising will ensure you minimize damage and keep your hair system looking healthy and in top condition.

To prevent severe damage and dryness from affecting your wig, we always recommend using a regular leave-in conditioner before activities that cause you to sweat and before entering the pool. Using a high-quality leave-in conditioner will result in a soft, lustrous hair system that looks and feels natural.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when exercising with the hair system:
Always protect your head from impacts.
Avoid unnecessary actions.
Avoid contact with contaminated water that can damage the system.
Follow the specific instructions and warnings given by the hair system manufacturer.
Following these instructions will help you keep your hair replacement system in top shape while still being able to participate in all the sports you love.