How To Cut Mens Toupee To Look Real

You may be worried about how to cut men's toupee? Trust me, it's simple and you can learn it in a few days. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and consider yourself a perfectionist. Here are some tips on how to make your hair system cut look natural.

Dry hair

When using hair clippers, it is best to use them on dry hair. The mix should also be dry. If the hair is wet, it can be difficult to see how the strands or hair will lay when cut. Keep the hair system dry unless you use a razor or scissors.

Cross check

I did this throughout the editing process. It is important to make sure the cut is even and proportional. When I cut my hair short, I check in the mirror for blending and thinning, then step back a few feet. I do this because usually I can see things from a distance that I can't see up close. Proper lighting is essential.

Avoid dividing lines. When using scissors, each stroke goes through three steps. Start with the clipper secured to the blade with the entire flat surface touching the head. Moving up, turn the clipper so that only the back of the blade touches. Next, hang the clipper freehand as it moves up and out of the hair. This will create the smoothest possible transition. One blending method I use is clippers on a comb or clippers on a comb. To do this, use detachable blade scissors with large blades. A large blade will provide you with a smoother blend as the hair will be cut to an even length with feathers on the ends. Never use short blades or trimmers for blending, as the blades will dull the hair and leave a lot of dividing lines.


Shavers with guards or point-cut technology can be used to impart texture to the hair by cutting the ends of the hair into different lengths. You want a spiky or messy texture in your hair system. Make sure your hair is wet before using the razor! Hold the shaver at an angle and use a C-scooping motion as you pull hair between the shaver and thumb. The point cut technique is used to cut the ends of the hair at an angle, or even cut off alternating sections for added texture.

Finish him
It is important to make sure all lines are clean and tidy. Most haircuts require a slight taper or bevel at the edges. For sideburns, stand in front of a mirror and look straight at your face to check your balance. Make sure the bangs are even.

So, it's not difficult to cut your human hair system to look real, but if you're doing it for the first time, we recommend seeking the help of a hairdresser.