Different Types of Hair Used in Men's Hair Replacement Systems

Men's hair replacement system uses three main types of human hair, including Chinese, Indian and European hair. In this blog post, we will look at different hair types so that you can not only understand their strengths and weaknesses, but also choose one according to your own preferences.

China's hair
Chinese hair is arguably the most popular hair type. Chinese hair is considered the highest quality in the industry. It's soft and ideal. It is also very durable and can withstand high temperatures and chemical treatments better than other types of hair. The texture is also straight, making it a versatile choice for most wig wearers around the world. Especially considering that the Chinese have black hair, it is estimated that up to 85% of the world's population usually has black or dark brown hair.
Common black hair color
High quality, considered high quality hair
Very durable and heat resistant
Soft simple sense
Probably a little more expensive than Indian hair
When treating hair from black to light (such as blonde), the quality of the hair naturally suffers

The Indian hair
Indian hair is very similar to Chinese hair, but there are some significant differences. Like Chinese hair, soft, natural, straight and easy to work with, it was originally black. The difference, however, is that Indian hair can also be curly or wavy. However Indian hair is not as strong and durable as Chinese hair. Its texture is less silky and thinner than Chinese hair.
Still, Indian hair remains one of the most popular hair types in the world, especially considering the number of Indian hair suppliers and the hair industry as a whole.
Common black hair color
High quality hair
Soft and durable
Naturally straight, wavy or curly
A little cheaper than Chinese hair
Not as durable as Chinese hair
When hair changes from black to light (such as blonde), the quality of hair naturally suffers

The European hair
European hair is one of the best. This is because when it comes to wigs, they are much thinner than Chinese or Indian hair. It is usually thin and delicate, with the silky texture that many people prefer. Because it comes mainly in brown, gold or red, it's a popular choice for white-haired system wearers. It also means that while you have to dye and deeply treat the black hair of Chinese or Indian hair to get blonde or red, which in turn can affect the quality of the hair and make it dry and brittle, if you need to dye, European hair is much less treated. As a result, European hair is generally stronger, looks more natural and requires less maintenance.
Perfect for those who like fine hair with a silky texture
You are usually naturally blonde, brown or red
Requires less processing and is generally stronger and more natural than other types of hair
Requires less maintenance
More expensive than other types of people
Usually short in length
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