Body Wave Hair Bundles For Your Fashion Hairstyle

Do you want to add thickness, waves to your hair? Maybe Body Wave Bundles is what you want. Milsur provide the highest quality virgin hair and here you can get what you want.

Body Wave is a loose curl that is wavy. Most people have probably had some trouble trying to achieve their perfect waves with bundles. Don't worry, we will give you some guidance here and hope it can help you.
Body Wave bundles give your hair a natural pattern for naturally soft waves. It transforms your hair texture in a long-lasting way and lets you say goodbye to everyday hair styling. And the maintenance cost is also low.

What kinds of body wave weaves in the market?

Brazilian Body Wave Hair Bundle

It is one of the most beautiful body wave extensions around. Brazilian body wave hair is known for its elasticity, texture and versatility. The bundle has a shiny look. This bundles is universal, works with all hairstyles, and is durable. You can easily apply any color of hair dye according to your choice.

Malaysia Body Wave Hair Bundles

Malaysian Body Wave Hair will enhance your natural hair. It adds volume and length to the hair, making it thicker, longer and healthier. It will help you turn your look into a doll. 

Peruvian Body Wave Hair Bundle

The light texture of this hair wave combines the relaxed texture of African American hair with the texture of Caucasian hair. Peruvian hair is multiple purpose hair. It can look naturally voluminous despite, but the fact that it is lightweight. It is extremely manageable, durable and versatile and for these reason, let you can style and curl it repeatedly with great results.

Indian Body Wave Hair Bundle

This hair bundles deal is the most versatile and easily available on the market. The density of the hair is great. The Indian Body Wave Bundle is light and stretchy for easy curling and styling.

How to care for the body wave bundles?
1.After Installbody wave, protect your hair from water for at least one day.
2.After a day, you can use Shampoo and Conditioner for extra softness and protection.
3.Make sure to use a conditioner once a week to soften it.
4.To keep your body waves always shiny, apply olive oil.
5.Use a wide-tooth comb every day to maintain a tangle-free weave.
6.Always start your combing from the middle of the pattern and reach the end of your hair.

Milsur's body wave bundles are made from 100% virgin hair. It gives you fashion hairstyle, a beautiful look and the versatility you've been dreaming of at a very reasonable cost. With our Body Wave Bundles, you'll get the highest quality body wave hair that's durable and won't break or fall out.