Exactly How To Re-Use Tape In Hair Extensions

We already understand that Tape in hair extensions are rapid to apply, comfortable and kinder to the hair than various other approaches. Yet did you know they are additionally affordable too? Unlike some other irreversible hair extension systems, Tapes can be re-taped and also re-used. Theres no requirement to fork out every 6-8 weeks on a brand-new collection as well as what's more you can even re-tape them conveniently at home yourself!

1. What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are small 4cm large wefts of human hair that are sandwiched in sets to the natural origins with a sticky tab. As a result of their small shapes and size they lay level to the head making them unnoticeable in also the finest of hair.

2. Can You Recycle Tape In Extensions?

Yes! After 6-8 weeks your Tape in expansions will require to be removed from the hair, offering they are still in good condition they can be re-taped and also re-applied. We encourage to have your Tapes gotten rid of as well as re-applied by an expert stylist however as soon as the hair has been gotten you can re-tape your expansions yourself in your home. Retaping extensions on your own can save you time and money as a lot of hair salons will certainly charge extra for this service on top of a removal.

3. Exactly how To Obtain Tape In Hair Extensions?

After 6-8 weeks your Tape in expansions will have expanded down in addition to your own hair and also will certainly need to be rearranged. Tape expansions will certainly require to be gotten rid of first prior to they can be re-applied, this is done utilizing a Tape in hair extension remover. A generous amount of the remover is sprayed onto the add-on part at the top of the tape weft, this is left to work its magic and also loosen the stickiness for 20-30 seconds. As soon as the tapes are loosened with the spray they need to easily peel away from the hair.

Right here at Milsur, we would certainly recommend utilizing oil-based eliminators instead of alcohol-based ones. Although alcohol-based eliminators are stronger as well as will certainly function much faster they are bad for the hair or scalp, they can trigger irritability as well as have a solid chemical odour which can be undesirable for customers. Our fast acting Tape in Cleaner has a refreshing citrus aroma as well as will not leave your own or your clients hair feeling completely dry as well as dried as it is oil-based.

4. How To Get Extensions Tape Deposit Out Of Hair?

In some cases, especially if Tape in Extensions have actually been left in the hair for longer than 8 weeks without maintenance, they can be a little tricky to remove or can leave some sticky residue in the hair. To get rid of any type of deposit, we advise making use of a fine-toothed comb after each section to gently take out any kind of adhesive or item. After eliminating the extensions, you must likewise offer the hair a wash with a clearing up shampoo this will eliminate any type of deposit that you have actually missed out on.

5. Exactly How To Re Tape Hair Extensions?

When your Tape ins have actually been removed, they will certainly require to be completely cleaned as well as dried before you can retape them. All you will need to re-tape the hair extensions is a pack or roll of spare tape tabs.

Before cleaning ensure that all of the previous sticky tab has actually been eliminated from the top of the tape, if there is any kind of left merely peel it off using your nail or a comb.
In areas, wash and condition your tape in expansions with top quality hair extensions friendly items.
In sections once the hair is totally clean the tapes require to be dried out and also smoothed over.
Using your Spare Tape pack just peel off a remove from the paper after that re-stick it to the top of your tape extension. Ensure you are sticking the new tab onto the very same side as the previous one.
Repeat this procedure on each tape hair extension making sure the brand-new tabs do not overhang as this can cause knottiness in the all-natural hair after application.
The Tape in extensions are now re-taped and also all set to be used again by an expert stylist.

6. The Amount Of Times Can You Recycle Tape Extensions?

Relying on the quality of your Tape in hair extensions will certainly depend upon how frequently they can be re-used. If the hair extensions are not in good condition or have actually been looked after inaccurately, we do not recommend re-applying them. Just re-use hair extensions that still really feel healthy and thick for the very best outcomes.

Normally AAA grade quality Tape in Hair extensions can be re-used once indicating in complete they ought to last as much as 12 weeks which include one retaping session. Better hair extensions e.g. AAAAA grade or Russian hair can commonly be reapplied 2-3 times providing the condition is still good.