We offer a new way to get hair replacement

Our goal has always been to provide the best-quality hair replacement systems with the best price. Our founder came up with a rather cool idea to make our hair systems look the most natural that help our customers save money and look incredible!

Milsur Hair cares about your final look - We actually duplicate what nature gave you and we give it all back to you again. We insist delivering your custom hair replacement systems right to your front door, eliminating the need for annoying salon visits and expensive maintenance contracts. At Milsur, getting a natural-looking head of hair shouldn't be so hard!

Not only can we design and manufacture the same or better quality toupees and hairpieces you have always got from your retailer, but we can do many things that they probably can't…

  • Deliver custom hair replacement systems right to your front door.
  • Offer the price for a hair system much less than retail salons and clubs.
  • Offer personal, professional and FREE technical support throughout the whole process.
  • Commit to being open and honest with you and to make your needs and satisfaction our number one priority!

Here are some comments for your reference

"I have ordered my Hair a month ago and I can’t wait to come here to leave a comment- I’m just so happy and satisfied with my system! I can say my Hairbro Hair System is far better in quality than any other Toupee company on the market. If you want a Hair System with a truly natural Hairline, I recommend Milsur. I would try to order another Custom Hairpiece from them."

"I would like to thank Lily and Hairbro’s staff for the excellent job they did on my system. My friends, co-workers and family said I look young these days, while there’s even no one who has detected that I’m wearing a system! Milsur is really Magic!"

"Milsur changed my life today. It’s just amazing, I really looked the best on my big day! I would definitely take my brother back to do his hair. Thank you so much Milsur. Many thanks to you !"

"I received my system last week and wanted to say how pleased we were with the results. You absolutely got the color right and when my wife saw it, she said, that’s how your hair would have looked if it had kept growing. You’ve perfected a craft with an enormous capacity to help people. I just wanted to pass along my respect for your accomplishments and my deepest thanks."

Photos of our hair colors have been taken and listed above. You can compare your own existing hair color with the colors above and choose the closest one to your own hair. Your order will soon be processed based on your selection.