7 Reasons Know Why Hair Extensions Are Right For You

Class is in session!

We're returning to our roots with the collection that set the criterion. Although you currently have a range of Hair extensions collections to choose from consisting of Halo hair extensions, Smooth hair extensions, and ponytail extensions, exists anything better than timeless comforts? We think not.

If you're asking yourself which hair extensions collection will give you longer, fuller hair that stands the test of time, read on. We've assembled 7 reasons that Classic hair extensions are right for you.

1. Textile stitched base
First things first. Just what makes hair extensions Standard? While the Classics normally refer to Beethoven or Dickens, in Milsur Hair terminology, Classic hair extensions describe expansions with a textile stitched weft, instead of silicone or other materials. 100% remy human hair is stitched to a piece of fabric, then the clips are hand-sewn onto each weft. This makes the base of the weft thicker and versatile, suggesting it is easier to work into a selection of hairdos (even more listed below), along with include lift at the origins

2. Much more volume at the roots.
If you have thinner hair, your very first inclination may be to opt for Seamless hair extensions as the wefts are thinner than Timeless extensions. Nonetheless, Timeless hair extensions may really be right for you if you have slim hair. Why? Due to the thicker fabric stitched base we pointed out previously, this adds a little bulk to the base of the weft, giving you more volume at the roots and much required fullness and also lift.

3. Thicker ponytails and also updos
What's more classic than a bouncy high horse or an updo for an unique event? Although we do provide ponytail expansions, you may select to create a longer, thicker braid with a complete set of hair extensions for a range of factors. Perhaps your hair is as well thick or as well short for a ponytail extension, or the updo you have in mind can not be personalized with a one and done solution like a ponytail or Halo expansion. In these cases, the flexibility of Classic hair extensions is a significant advantage. The wefts can be turned and bent to control various forms and also designs that other styles of expansions may not have the ability to as conveniently.

4. Personalized weights as well as lengths
Classic hair extensions are the OGs of clip-in hair extensions, provided in a selection of lengths and weights to suit your hair type. Whether you have much shorter hair as well as are just looking for all-natural volume, or already have thick hair and are trying to find bombshell length and also density, we've obtained you covered.

Select 16 inch hair extensions if you have brief or shoulder size hair as well as are simply looking for even more quantity as well as all-natural looking size. Pick 20 inch hair extensions if you want additional size and also quantity, as well as select 24 inch hair extensions if you intend to channel your internal Girl Godiva. When it comes to weights, 16 inch is available in a typical 140g weights, 20 inch can be found in 120g for fine hair, 160g for typical thickness hair, as well as 220g for thick hair If that's inadequate, Timeless hair extensions are also readily available as Volume Bundles so you can turn up the volume as loud as Tchaikovsky's cannons. Regardless of your hair type, there's a collection for you!

5. Perfect for short or thick hair.
Have you ever tried a collection of hair extensions and also ended up with the dreadful stringy ends? This was likely because the set was too slim for your hair kind. Unlike what your impulse might inform you, the thicker your hair, the thicker the set of expansions you will need to mix them in perfectly with your natural hair. Or else, you might wind up with stringy ends with a recognizable end to your natural hair and also start of the extensions.

If you have short hair, Timeless hair extensions are best as they are offered in our thickest 220g collection (or a Volume Package if your hair is short and thick or candidly cut), whereas various other collections are provided in lighter weights. For the very same factor, we advise to choose Timeless extensions in 220g or a Volume package if you have normally thick hair, to make sure that there suffices volume in the set for a seamless mix. Find out more regarding how to blend hair extensions with brief hair below.

Although we offer over 30 different shades varying from solid shades to balayage and also highlights, your hair color might still be unique sufficient that you might intend to dye your expansions to match. Our Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, and can as a result be dyed darker and heat styled like your natural hair. We do not advise whitening any kind of Hair extensions as they have already undertaken a chemical procedure during manufacturing as well as will likely obtain harmed if blonde. The weft type need to be taken into consideration when passing away the extensions. Considering that Traditional expansions have a material base, the material can also be colored to your desired color. Seamless hair extensions have a silicone base, which do not take to color, therefore, if you were to color Seamless extensions, you would certainly end up with a weft of hair that is one shade and also a base that is an additional color. If you intend on dyeing your expansions, Standard is best!

7. 10 weft items to customize hairdos
As we discussed earlier, Traditional hair extensions been available in a collection of 9-10 wefts, depending on the weight. 120g collections feature 9 wefts of hair, while 160g as well as 220g sets include 10 wefts of hair. Volume bundles feature a complete 220g set plus a 45g Volumizer Weft for added volume. This opens a globe of opportunities for various hairdos, ranging from side braids, deep side parts, half-up hairstyles, voluminous pigtails, and even face framing pieces with 1-clip wefts in a various shade! The hairdo opportunities are endless with Timeless extensions.

We hope this aids you understand more regarding hair extensions and why they might be best for you. If you're still not sure, be sure to take our quiz to figure out which Hair collection is right for you.