Why Working From Home Is The Best Time To Try a Hair System

Why Working From Home Is The Best Time To Try a Hair System

The COVID-19 pandemic and all the quarantines that have followed have their considerable drawbacks, but there are also many benefits. For many people, they must spend time at home with their families. Some people have to try new hobbies, like cooking or running. Working from home has also become a big deal, with many companies sticking with the practice even now as restrictions are being completely or slowly lifted worldwide.

For men with thinning, balding or general hair loss, stay-at-home orders are also a bit of a boon, as they no longer have to go out and worry about how their hair looks. While some employees returned to the office, many continued to work from home. If you're one of them, and you're interested in having a full head of hair again, now might be the perfect time to venture into the world of human hair systems!

Why working from home is the best time to try on a wig?
If you're dealing with severe hair loss, or even if your hair is only a little thinning, you might be a little worried if you suddenly start wearing men's wigs. Imagine going to work for the first time or showing up at a place and friends wearing your hair system. The first thing everyone notices is how you go from thinning or balding old hair to thick, beautiful human hair. Even worse, it becomes the main topic of conversation, with all the attention focused on your head. While getting attention for your hair should be a goal for many, context is also important. It shouldn't be obvious that you're wearing a wig, but you have new hair that's considered your own. After all, not everyone is willing to answer whether they wear a hair system or a wig, as it is a dramatic life and image change.

That's why it's the ideal time to start your hair system journey while working from home. Not only can you order your first wig, but you can start getting used to the learning curve of installing, removing, and maintaining it. This way, whenever you are ready to meet people on a regular basis, you will at least be very used to managing your hair system and dealing with potential problems such as your front hairline lifting or grooming your hair system.
Most importantly, only you and/or your family will notice the transition. Speaking of family, even if you're working from home, we usually recommend telling your family that you're going to start wearing a hair system. It's best to tell those closest to you, especially those who won't judge you. Working from home helps with the transition because you won't meet as many people, but it's always nice to have the support and encouragement of loved ones.

Another benefit of wearing a hair system while working from home is that you don't need to gradually jump to higher hair density. In general, Milsur recommends starting with a low-density hair system and gradually increasing it over a few months until you reach the desired hair density -- which helps make the transition less noticeable. It's natural to want as much density as possible, but it also carries the risk of it looking too unnatural or too striking, especially if you don't have that much density to begin with. That's why it's important to choose the right hair density and consider factors like age.

All that said, there are still plenty of people back at the office or already back. In this case, we recommend using a three-step process starting with a low hair density system. Assume you have a medium hair density of about 120% before you start dealing with hair loss, or this is the density you want:

- Start with men toupee with hair density of 80% to 90%.

- Wear the system for about two months before changing to a wig that can accommodate 100 to 110 percent of light to medium hair density.

- After wearing it for two months, finally switch to the 120% medium density system you want.

Once the six months are over, people around you will get used to your new hair and will simply assume that your hair has grown back naturally during this time. If someone happens to ask you about your new hair amount, you could even say your previous hair loss was due to stress or COVID-19, as it's very common in both men and women.

Note: It is important that the hair density you want is right for you. Even if you follow this process, your new hair may look unnatural if you choose a 130% hair density at age 50.

Other tips for transitioning to the hair system
Milsur strongly recommends the above method to achieve the smoothest and most seamless transition to the hair system. However, not everyone has the time or budget to buy three new systems in six months. Going from sparse or bald to high-density systems is certainly risky, but if you're willing to take that risk, here are some tips:

Get a new hairstyle: Unless you have almost no hair, it's certainly worth changing your hairstyle before you wear it for the first time. Even better, if you can design your hair in a variety of styles. That way, when you finally put on your wig, your colleagues or friends will be used to seeing different hairstyles. Suggestions include combing the hair forward, up or back. If you still have some length, consider wearing a ponytail -- so when you wear your hair system or a full hat wig, it will look like you're brushing your hair down.

Grow a beard: You can also consider growing a beard. When you are ready to install your hair system, shave off your beard! People are naturally drawn to faces and are more likely to focus on your beard than they were the first day you put on the hair system. Similarly, if you've grown a beard, half the job is done. Just shave your new hair the same day you wear it.

Switch between glasses and contact lenses: As in the previous point, you can switch from wearing glasses to contact lenses and vice versa. These are small changes that could make a big difference. The key is to make people question what's different about you, and it's not your hair that's different.

Ready to buy your first hair replacement system? Start your hair system today to give your hair, confidence and life a new lease of life!