The Difference Between Synthetic Hair And Human Hair

The Difference Between Synthetic Hair And Human Hair

Toupee according to the material difference in between the adhering to 2 kinds.

synthetic toupee made from chemical fiber, bad realism, easy to put on and scalp response, but also simple to knot, usually for single usage products, however the price is cheap long-term styling impact.

Actual human hair toupee is the option of procedure, pure genuine human hair made, its realistic look is very high, hard to knot, can be cut, dyed, warm, very easy to alter the hair, to genuinely attain a toupee effect of a hundred modifications, such as their hair, require to look after.

There are numerous kinds of toupees, when getting a toupee to consider their intrinsic hair condition, integrated with financial conditions to purchase a suitable toupee.

Real human hair is well made, and also the texture is clear, there is no hefty feeling after wearing. No worry, you can wear it daily! As a result of the material, real human hair, difficult to frizz, look, shade can stay unchanged for a long period of time, more stable, and very simple to become soft aftercare.

Wig material is best to utilize actual human hair to do the headcover, hair color is best with their very own color or similar (because it is a real human hair replacement systems, can additionally be colored to their favorite hair shade).