Signs That The Hair System Needs To Be Replaced

Signs That The Hair System Needs To Be Replaced
As much as we hate to say it, nothing lasts forever. Not even the best quality hair replacement system in the world! It doesn't matter how much you pet it. Sooner or later, your hair system needs to be replaced. But how do we know when an update is needed? Read on for some signs that your product has reached its expiration date.

What is the average lifespan of the hair system?
While there is no definite answer to this question, we can give you an estimate. A quality, well-made hair system used every day, along with an ongoing, loving care and maintenance routine, lasts about 6 to 10 months on average.

The key word here is average! A whole host of variables can hinder and affect the longevity of your hair system, including sun exposure, poor hair care products, heat styling tools, and more!

How do I know if it's time for a new toupee?
Here are some major wake-up calls to watch out for:

Hair starts to break and fall out.
If the hair on your toupee is starting to look a little thin, it's likely because the strands are falling out or breaking. The hair doesn't grow out in big clumps; it's a gradual process, usually most noticeable near the front hairline.

Color has faded.
Over time, the rich tones of your hair system will start to darken. Another sure sign is if your hair is red, brassy. This is a sign of oxidation and is a common consequence of overexposure to intense UV light.

It looks dull and feels dry.
The hair system may appear frizzy and feel dull and dry. Unfortunately, if a deep conditioner can't combat the straw-like texture and restore the wig's shine, it's likely at a point of no return.

It has a long lasting smell.
The hair system can occasionally smell bad; however, if the smell persists after washing, it may be time to move on!

You are bored or want to have some fun.
Your toupee doesn't need to go bad to buy a new one! Wearing the same hair system day in and day out can feel monotonous, so it's fun to have a variety of wigs that you can switch between!

What to do when a new hair system is needed?
Milsur Hair offers men and women a seemingly limitless choice of hair systems. Choose from a range of pre-made (stock) hair systems, or choose a custom hair system and design a unique hair system with all the specific, fine-tuned features that are important to you. You can even recreate old toupees you love and lose! We know it all seems overwhelming at first, but that's why we're available 24/7 to point you in the right direction!