Prevents Hair From Falling Out Of The Hair System

Prevents Hair From Falling Out Of The Hair System
Losing hair from your hair system can be a very stressful, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing problem. While it's uncommon for hair to fall out of hair replacement systems, some customers have a hard time preventing this when they purchase lower-quality and often less expensive hair systems.

Aside from buying high-quality hair systems and products, the best way to stop wig hair loss is to understand why it happens and learn how to prevent it. Even the best hair systems can sometimes shed a strand or two, so it's important to make sure you take care of your hair as much as possible to prevent hair loss.

Today we will show you what causes hair loss in your hair system and what you can do to stop it from happening.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hair System
Without realizing it, we can actually cause damage to our hair system by making everyday tasks part of our daily routine. Here are some of the most common ways in which the hair system can be damaged.

Incorrect and overcombing
While it's a good idea to brush your hair regularly, doing it too often and incorrectly can lead to hair loss. It is important to use a brush designed for the hair system and to do it with care and gentleness. Check out our guide to grooming hair systems for a complete list of dos and don'ts when grooming hair systems.

Neglecting tangles and neglecting hair system maintenance
If you notice any tangles on your hair system, you need to remove them immediately! Getting tangled in your hair for long periods of time can make it harder to tangle and may even cause the device to weep after getting caught in something.

incorrect washing
One of the biggest causes of hair loss in the hair system is due to customers neglecting to properly clean the hair system. Many wearers leave conditioner at the root of the wig, which can cause strands to slip off the base. Always remember to keep conditioner away from the base of your hair system and rinse your hair thoroughly after use.

It's also important to use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner designed for the hair system. You should not use products intended for human hair growth as they do not contain the necessary ingredients to keep the hair system soft and shiny, and some may even damage your wig.

Check out our complete guide to properly washing your hair system at home and learn more about best practices for washing your hair replacement system.

Weak hair system knots
The knots glue the tresses to the lace on the hair system. Each strand of hair on your unit is inserted into the lace base first, then knotted so it stays connected. To prevent damage from knots, it's a good idea to use a good quality knot sealer on a regular basis.

Preventing hair from falling out of the hair system comes down to taking good care of it in the first place and following a solid hair system maintenance routine. When you take the time to take care of your hair replacement system, you'll find that it stays in better shape for longer and doesn't shed as many strands.