Non-Surgical French Lace Male Hair System: Australia

Non-Surgical French Lace Male Hair System: Australia
The Australia base design is French lace with a 3/4 inch 0.10 mm PU around it. French lace is light, comfortable and breathable. The durability of this hair system is enhanced by surrounding 0.10 mm skin. In addition, the skin is more easily attached and the front hairline uses a V-shaped hairband, enhancing the realism and concealment of the hair system and expanding the range of fashionable hairstyle options.
Australia is made of real Indian hair. Hair goes through a rigorous screening, cleaning and preparation process to create high-quality human hair and create the best hair systems possible. It also has a hair length of 6 inches. When you receive it, you are free to style it.

Always choose human hair when choosing the type of hair for your toupee, as it offers many benefits:
-It can be styled in the same way as your hair.
-It is styleable in that it can be curled, permed, colored, or used with any heat styling tools.
-Its natural appearance lends the toupee an immaculate and natural appearance.
-You have more control over the appearance of the toupee.
-Human hair strands are easier to blend to your own bio hair than synthetic hair.
Milsur manufactures the highest quality hair systems. We use 100% authentic and quality materials. Every step of the production process is carefully carried out with great skill and precision to ensure that the hair system lasts as long as possible, while remaining as comfortable and breathable as possible.

We have over 1000 stock hair systems available to ship and deliver within 2 days. They only need 5-10 days to arrive. Stock wigs can sometimes not meet your requirements, but there is nothing to worry about as we can customize hair systems for you. For custom hair system, we need the following basic information: hair length, hair color, hair wave, hair density, base size, base design and hairstyle. Different knotting methods can also be used for bleached knotting on the front lace section or on the V-ring. We can meet any request for custom orders.
To create the perfect hair replacement system, it is best to send us templates and hair samples for color matching. Custom orders will arrive in about 2-3 months.