Men's Hair Systems FAQ's

Men's Hair Systems FAQ's

Is this your first time acquiring a men's hair toupee? Maybe you're a little confused concerning it. We'll here are some beneficial response to some typical frequently asked questions.

Why should I choose a hair toupee over hair transplant surgical procedure?
Surgical hair replacement is costly as well as invasive. While it can fill out a bald patch, it will certainly not quit any loss of hair in the future. This is why a men's hair toupee is an excellent option. It is economical and also will also supply protection every one of the time.

Is my hair toupee mosting likely to fly off in the wind?
The short answer is no, rest assured that your hair toupee is not going to fall off. Equally as there have been breakthroughs in hair toupee building, so have actually there been advancements in adhesives and tapes which have solid hold and also last long periods of time.

I'm concerned regarding people recognizing I am putting on a hair toupee! What do I do?
Male's hair toupees have come a long way in the past years. Production strategies are innovative and there is a lot of artistry entailed. Nowadays hair toupees are undetected.

The number of hair toupees will I require per year?
This all relies on the sort of hair system you pick, your way of living and just how you keep your hair toupee. It is nonetheless real to claim that the more reasonable a hair toupee looks, the shorter its life expectancy. For example, incredibly slim skin hair toupees are developed to be one wear just and last a month. Whereas a well dealt with monofilament base hair toupee can last about a year.

Do I take of my hair toupee in the evening or, or is it completely attached?
This is absolutely as much as you. Nonetheless, numerous modern tapes as well as adhesives are made to last a number of weeks so if you intend to use your hair toupee 24/7 you can yet if not just take it off.

What is the difference between a stock men's hair toupee and personalized men's hair toupee?
A stock hair toupee comes ready-made. Our stock hair toupees all have a conventional base dimension of 8" x10" and also a hair size of 6". Nevertheless we can cut them smaller for you as well as we have a selection of shades available some even consisting of grey hair. A stock hair toupee is not of lesser high quality it's simply a hassle-free alternative if you desire a hair toupee in a hurry. Customized hair toupees are created to your exact spec consisting of all your procedures from which we create a mold. Customized hair toupees are completely personalized. From length to wave, from shade to curl. Customized toupees will constantly be the most effective match for you.