Maintain Soft Hair System

Maintain Soft Hair System
1.Hair softness
Sebum makes our hair soft and manageable. This is why our roots are moist, and also why we have to wash our hair often. After a few days of wear, our hair became greasy and our strands felt heavy. Because of this, we must continue to clean and condition our locks.

Many of us don't know what sebum is. If this is the case, sebum is a fluid secreted by the sebaceous glands, which attaches to the hair follicle. Sebum deposits there and brings it to the surface of the skin and along the hair shaft.

The sebum coating helps moisturise the natural strands so they grow long and strong. That being said, if you're wearing a hair system, it won't be involved in the process. Not even if you buy human hair.

There is some residual secretion from the human hair replacement system, however, this is not enough to withstand treatment and peeling. In the same way, constant wear and cleaning of the hair system will eventually dry out your hair, leaving your system dry and brittle.

2 How can I keep my hair soft for longer?
Looking soft hair is certainly not an easy task for anyone. Achieving a soft look is certainly a difficult and impossible task even for hair systems. You can still follow the basic tips we provide.

You may have to follow the precautions indicated below for a softer and smoother human hair system.

Excessive shampooing
Prolonged exposure to chlorine gas or swimming
Use a hair dryer

Normal conditioner
Hair using sunscreen-based products
Air dry

3 How to keep your hair softer
As technology develops, it is certain that one day we may develop hair systems that do not need to worry about softness. Until then, manufacturers may have to try to make hair systems that can stay soft for a long time.

If you are looking for a human hair replacement system, please contact us, we will provide the best one for you!