Just How to Use Toupee Tape!

Just How to Use Toupee Tape!

Also known as toupee tape, hair system tape is utilized to attach your hair system to your head. A lot of our customers have different habits as well as techniques when it comes to affixing their tape. There are also things you ought to know when removing tape from your hair system. Let's take a look at every little thing you need to know about toupee tape.

How To Use Hair System Tape

Tidy your hair toupee
Toupee tape must be used on a clean, dry hairpiece. When changing to a brand-new wig it will currently be tidy as well as dry, if you are recycling a wig toupee ensure all of the previous tape has actually been cleaned off which there are not residues of tape left.

Use the toupee tape pieces
When you have actually prepped your hair toupee, it is time to affix the hair system tape. First of all, affix Scalp Protector on your scalp where the lace will certainly be, then you will certainly intend to take your toupee tape and remove one side of the protective paper.

Then you will certainly intend to affix the tape to your scalp, or to the hair system itself, relying on your preference. The tape needs to walk around the perimeter of the wig, with the exception of the front component. When you have placed the tape all over except for the front and also temples, you can then get rid of the safety paper on the exposed side.

If you have put the tape on the hair system, you can attach the front tape before placing on your hair, just do not peel the protective layer off of the front yet!

Place the hair toupee on
Currently it's time to connect your hair system to your head. You can put it on the front of your head and after that start to roll it backwards onto your head. Some consumers like to slightly extend the hairpiece as they do this for a much better fit. See to it that no hairs obtain caught on the tape when rolling it. Press strongly to ravel any kind of creases as well as make sure it is connected firmly to your head.

The Hair System Front Hairline
Great, you're halfway there! Now we require to best the front component. You can use an eyebrow pencil to mark specifically where you desire the front part to go. Mark the location simply before where you will place your tape, i.e. do not make a mark where you intend to place the tape, but simply before the location.

Now you can put the tape on the suitable location and then peel the protective layer off. If the toupee tape gets on the hairpiece peel it off now. You can now position the front with two hands where you prefer it to be as well as rub out the markings on your head.

You can utilize a hair brush to assist you push down on the hairpiece without pulling on the hair. As soon as you are done, brush right into the design you like. The tape can last 2-4 weeks and also we advise cleaning it to do away with oil accumulation that can cause the tape to loosen up.

Where to Get toupee tape?
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