How to Wash Hair Bundles Properly?

How to Wash Hair Bundles Properly?
How to properly wash your hair bundles is paramount and will affect how long your weave will last. If you don't fully know shampooing human hair bundles, here is the article for you. Milsur will help you learn how to properly wash human hair bundles, and will introduces you to the best way to use a super easy step-by-step process.

But before that, we need to know why is it important to wash your hair bundles.
Human hair bundles are like your natural hair, so you must take care of the human hair bundles. It is important to maintain good hygiene and your hair needs to be cleaned at least twice a week. Everyone don't want our hair to be too dirty, which can lead to bacteria and fungi on the scalp then cause many problems like dandruff, lice,...
Another thing about washing your hair is to protect against damage. Shampoos with new keratin formulas protect and promote hair growth.

How to wash a human hair bundle?
We already know the importance of cleaning hair, let us introduce the process of cleaning hair
Step 1 - Remove the net from the package and pay attention to the hair to ensure it meets standards.
Step 2 - Set warm water to prepare your hair for washing
Step 3 - Wet your hair from the top down
Step 4 - After that, start washing your hair
Step 5 - The next step is to apply shampoo to your hair
Step 6 - Hair bundles need conditioner to moisturize. Apply conditioner to bundles and wash
Step 7 - The final step is completely dry your bundles
After washing your hair, dry the bundles as much as possible to ensure that the entire hair is 100% dry. You should use a perfectly dry towel, shirt, hair dryer. Leaving moisture in weave can cause mildew and odor, which is very bad for the hair.

In conclusion, hair bundles also need to be taken care of like our own hair. If you have more questions, please contact us.