How To Style Your Hair System Without Damaging It

How To Style Your Hair System Without Damaging It
There are countless ways to style your hair system, and there are many products whose sole purpose is to make your hair system look great. But with so many options, people often feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

Relax and breathe deeply. We're here to guide you through one of the styling techniques considered a must for both men and women: blow-drying. We promise it's easier than you think.

So go ahead and grab your hair dryer, read these tips, and enjoy! We're not here to tell you when and how to style your hair, but we do have some tips to help you find the perfect hairstyle.

Washing hair system
First, hair system styling always works best after cleaning the hair system. This is especially true when blow drying - there is no logic to using a blow dryer on already dry hair, right?

So, go ahead and keep your hair system clean. In this case, you really shouldn't or shouldn't use a specific shampoo or conditioner (except, of course, products that are not suitable for hair accessories), but we recommend that you use a leave-in conditioner before styling because you want Use heat.
Make your hair system style longer
Even if you don't go out and just want to style your hair replacement system before leaving the house, we're sure you still want your artwork to last as long as possible.
We've got a solution for you!

Use a styling spray after styling to keep your hair longer. As with all other spray products, less is more.

There's no point in getting your hair wet with product unless you want to go out with a hard wig. Hold the spray bottle a few inches away from your hair and spray a little mist on the wig. You can put a little more on those stubborn flyaway strands.

Styling Men's Hair System
Most men have a short hair system, which makes the process quicker and easier.
Here's our step-by-step guide to styling men's hair systems:
1. Make sure the bottom cover is 100% dry before trying to style.
2. Brush your hair system lightly to get rid of any tangles - remember not to pull your hair system too hard. Men tend to have shorter hair on the nape and sides, so you'll usually find more tangles on the top of the head.
3. Set the hair dryer to medium-low heat. Never use the hottest heat setting because you don't want to burn the base of the system.
4. Hold the hair dryer a few inches from your head (not too close).
5. Start with the shorter parts of your hair, such as the nape of your neck and the sides of your face, and work your way up.
6. Use a comb to add or reduce volume to your hair.
Remember that your hair dryer should always be on low temperature, especially if you're using a mannequin head, as you won't feel the heat on your scalp. This way, you want to be extra careful not to burn the bottom of the wig.

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