How To Store Wigs And Hair Systems Correctly

How To Store Wigs And Hair Systems Correctly

"How to store a wig" is a common question on the minds of men and women who are new to wigs (or hair systems, toupee, hairpieces, toppers). Unlike real scalp hair, human hair systems do not produce natural oils to protect hair from damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight or dust.

That's why it's important to take care of wigs and store them properly to maintain their shape and make them look great for a long time. Since many men and women don't know how to store their best hair replacement systems in the right way, we decided to share tips and ideas related to this.

Keep these tips and ideas in mind to make your wig last longer and stay in shape longer. Since some of you may be anxious to find out how to store wigs when you're not using them, here's the FAQ version of the blog.

How to store wigs or hair systems?

Consider these tips to prepare human hair units before placing them at home:

  1. Wash with a mild wig-friendly shampoo
  2. Conditions are appropriate
  3. Let them dry naturally or use a hair dryer at low temperatures.
  4. Comb with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb

What are the different ways to store wigs at home?

Here are some popular wig storage options to consider for 2022:

  • Wig headstand
  • Hanging wig stand
  • Satin wig bag
  • Shoebox (not recommended)

Should we store hair systems in direct sunlight?

No, it is advisable not to place wigs or toupees near direct sunlight or any other heat source. Prolonged direct exposure to sunlight can affect color and weaken and brittle hair fibers.


No matter where and how you decide to store wigs in your home, just make sure they are not in direct sunlight or any other heat source, as this can tarnish the wig and make the fibers weak and brittle. Store wigs and human hair systems in a cool, dry place at all times.