How To Size Your Human Hair System

How To Size Your Human Hair System

Men Toupee come in several standard sizes, but many men struggle to find the right size, especially for the first time. First and foremost, you should choose the hairstyle you want. This will give you a better idea of how to resize your hair system. Longer hairstyles almost always provide a little extra coverage, covering the natural hairline on the sides and back of your head. Even so, it's always better to choose a toupee size slightly larger than hair loss or baldness.

In most cases, you can also choose a custom size depending on how you plan to install it. If you plan to hire a professional stylist, it's a good idea to schedule a measuring meeting to make sure you order the right size the first time. This also allows you to talk to stylists who can offer expert advice on what to expect when choosing your style. A good stylist can help you with the initial installation and provide guidance on how to maintain the look and even transition to a different look if needed.

Finally, it's always a good idea to consider how much maintenance you plan to give your hair each day. Male Hair Prosthesis need attention at least a few times a day to make sure everything is placed correctly and to make sure it sits naturally on your head. Admittedly, this shouldn't go beyond a few careful minutes in front of the mirror, but it's still something to watch out for, especially if you're planning on wearing longer styles rather than shorter ones that require less attention.

Now that we know all the details, let's talk about how to measure a toupee. It's fairly simple, just two measurements of length and width to get started.

To measure the length of the bottom of a toupee or men's weave, measure from the front of the hairline to the back of the hair loss. This will determine the length of your base. Pro tip: Remember the old saying in high school shop class, "Measure twice, cut once"? The same concept applies here. Two measurements were taken throughout the day. One in the morning, one in the evening. Why is that? Because the shape of your head changes slightly during the day, depending on your moisture content. It is best to choose the larger of the two measurements.

To measure the width of the bottom of the human hair toupee, measure the distance from ear to ear. This is simple; you need to take two more measurements and choose the larger one.

Measuring wider than hair loss is also better, as you may need to shave off a small amount of hair before installation.

If you need any help or are not sure of the exact size you need, please feel free to call our helpful customer service. I am always happy to solve any problems you may have. Not only that, Milsur also offers different base hair systems for you to choose from.