Have you ever before face the scenario of putting on a hair system that becomes loosened after only a short time of wearing it? Lastly, you are emotionally all set to attempt a male's hair system, but the putting on experience is far from excellent. The edges of the hair system flip off too soon and the bonding breaks down too promptly. This is actually annoying and frustrating. If this takes place to you, do not fret. For the most part, this is caused by oily skin or extreme sweat and can quickly be taken care of. We have actually created our leading suggestions to remedy this so you can be armed with the knowledge to deal with oily skin.

If you have are prone to an oily scalp, you may experience a less-than-average hold time for your hair systems. You simply need to experiment more to discover the accessory and maintenance procedures that work best for you.

Just how do I Know if I Have an Oily Scalp?
If you have actually experienced hair that gets greasy swiftly regardless of the amount of times you do or do not wash it, or if certain items make your hair greasy when they should not, its most likely you have an oily scalp.

Additionally, when you take off your hair substitute system for cleaning and discover that the glue residue is mostly yellow, that is also an indicator.

Recommended Actions to Deal with an Oily Scalp

1) Tidy your scalp extensively
This goes without being said, however prior to you apply your hair system, you need to make certain that your scalp is cleaned up properly and also extensively.
For oily skin, do not utilize items that will certainly dry out your skin such as items high in alcohol or citrus-based items, as your body will certainly generate even more oil to offset it. Additionally make sure not to utilize any kind of moisturizer or creams on your scalp as this will also trigger your scalp to come to be very oily.

2) Prepare your scalp for the bond
Prior to the accessory, you need to use a layer of scalp guard onto your scalp. The scalp protector will develop an obstacle between your scalp and also the adhesive, so it will certainly avoid oil from breaking the bond down also promptly.
Additionally, there are anti-perspirant products on the market that can minimize the manufacturing of oil and sweat from your scalp thus making the bond last much longer.

3) Select the best sticky or tape
It's finest to check out different adhesives to find out what help you.
Another idea when picking a tape is that you ought to always go with one with a much longer hold time than you anticipate. For instance, if you plan on wearing your toupee for a week and after that get it re-bonded, after that you should go for a tape that provides 2-4 weeks bonding time.
Additionally, do not keep the hair system connected for more than 2 weeks. It is better to get it cleaned up and reattached as soon as weekly for oily scalps.

4) No Sweat Throughout the Accessory
We advise maintaining your scalp as great and dry as feasible when you affix the hair system. If the climate is hot, switch on the a/c to keep on your own chill.
If you have oily skin, you may have a more difficult experience using a men's hair system compared to those with completely dry skin. You might need to attempt different bonding methods and also scalp products. Nevertheless, if you ultimately can find the most effective way for you to apply your hair system, it can aid you a good deal.

5) Let your bond treatment
If you wear men's hair systems for a while and also you might have become aware of the 24-hour guideline. The first 24 hr of a new application of the hair system is really important. You would certainly better avoid cleaning, swimming and even heavy sweating during this time around. Your hair system bonding needs this period of time to completely work and cure.