How To Make Skin Base Hair System Last Longer?

How To Make Skin Base Hair System Last Longer?
Not everything can last forever, but there are things we can do to make things last longer.

First, let's talk about our skin base. Most customer queries focus on its durability.
Our range of skin toupee includes bases of various thicknesses. In general, the thinner the base, the less durability it provides.
Many times, especially new or first-time wearers, are not familiar with the durability of a man's hair change. But this blog should answer some questions. The best way to lengthen a man's hair system is with proper care and maintenance.

* Remember, the more adhesive you use, the harder it will be to remove, so be extra careful!

* Also, when washing and removing the skin base, remember that polyethylene expands when wet. When the whole system is very wet and the top is damp, avoid brushing the bristles from the root. Knots may become loose and hair may fall out quickly.

* The best way to avoid hair loss is to apply conditioner only to the ends when your hair is wet. When the base is damp, do not put silicone conditioner on the root. Silicone in conditioner or shampoo can also loosen knots.

Hope this blog has been helpful.
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