How To Install Lace Closure And Frontal

How To Install Lace Closure And Frontal
With the increasing popularity of wigs, it has become an indispensable item in some people's lives. Today we're going to cover how to install lace closures and lace frontal closures here.

1. Lace frontal installation
The installation of the lace frontal usually requires 3 steps:
First, if you want to get the most natural and authentic hair look, you need to flatten your hair as much as possible. Here are the detailed steps of the process: You need to smooth out the hair with the gel and secure it with some extra bobby pins.  You can wear an extra hair cap to help secure and protect your real hair. Take special note that all of your hair needs to be tucked into the hat to ensure a better result.

Second, it's time to try frontal. Carefully make sure the edges of the frontal exactly match your hairline.

Third, it is necessary to glue the lace to the head, the more stable you want the wig to be, the more layers of glue you need to apply. The next step is to trim the lace with scissors so that it blends in with your own hairline.

Finally, all steps are done.

Although the installation is a bit complicated for beginners, it can give a better and more natural look to the wig.

2. Lace closure installation
Lace closure are installed in much the same way as lace frontal. It also requires 3 steps.
First, smooth out your hair.

Second, try it on and confirm the position.

Third, secure the frontal with clips and adjustable straps without the use of glue.

It seems that lace closure are more convenient to install than frontal. Lace closure are more suitable for beginners.

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