How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Wigs

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Wigs

We must understand first of all what will influnence the life expectancy of the hair system and what you shouldn't do to shorten the time for using, and how to save the wig when you take it off.

1.Hair Material
Among one of the most vital variables affecting the lifespan of wigs is hair product. Usually, the life expectancy of human hair wigs is a lot longer than synthetic wigs, and if you wear them daily and take great treatment of them, the lifespan of human hair wigs is 8-10 months or perhaps more than one year and that of synthetic wigs is just 3-4 months. Wigs made from human hair are much less likely to obtain twisted as well as shed and would not need lots of maintenance, due to the fact that they have not undertaken any kind of chemical processing and also the cuticles are undamaged. Artificial wigs which are made from synthetic materials have a much shorter life expectancy, however, naturally, they are a budget-friendly choice.

2.Base Material
Base material also has a considerable influence on the life-span of wigs, as well as amongst one of the most usual base products, monofilamentand silk bases add to a longer life expectancy. A limited weave of monofilament base as well as split framework of silk base make wigs much more resilient. By contrast, the shoelace base is light-weight and also breathable yet the soft material as well as single-layer structure make wigs much less sturdy.

Besides intrinsic factors that determine the life expectancy of wigs to a huge degree, extrinsic variables can influence the durability substantially. The way you deal with wigs will identify how much time they will last, and if taken care of properly, your wigs may last beyond the typical life-span. The longevity of wigs generally depends on upkeep in two aspects, namely cleaning and also storage space.

The life-span of a wig is affected considerably by the cleaning frequency, so you must have great control of the regularity. Bear in mind, over-washing as well as improper cleaning will certainly minimize the lifespan of wigs. The regularity of cleaning a human hair wig is normally when every 6-8 weeks, and when it comes to an artificial wig, you can clean it as soon as every 4-6 weeks.

Action 1: Making preparations
Before starting the washing process, it is essential to make some prep work. Knots ought to be eliminated carefully by using a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush which is specifically created for detangling wigs

Action 2: Rinsing
The cleaning process begins with washing by putting the wig under the faucet, yet remember that hot water ought to be stayed clear of to stop damage to your wig. If the hair is short, you can wash your wig under tap in the washbasin with running water at room temperature. If the hair is long, it is recommended that the wig should be rinsed under the tap of your shower to prevent entangling the wig in the container. After that, to remove excess water, you ought to delicately press the wig with your hands rather than twisting it.

Action 3: Shampooing
The next action is the hair shampoo application process that aims to make your wig tidy. Beginning with using a percentage of shampoo to the palms of your hands, and afterwards gently massage the hair shampoo right into your wig by adhering to the order from the root to the pointer. As in the previous action, after that wash your wig from the top to all-time low to eliminate all hair shampoo and capture excess water carefully with your hands. The washing procedure at this step ought to additionally be mild enough to stop any kind of damage to your wig.

Action 4: Conditioning
It is essential to add nutrition to your wig as you do to your natural hair in order to make sure that your wig is full of life. Spread out a percentage of moisturizing conditioner on the palm of your hand, as well as use the conditioner equally right into your wig. Make sure to keep in mind that conditioner needs to not be put on the base of the wig as it can cause the loosened of knots on the cap. After leaving the conditioner in the wig for around three to 5 mins, you can move to the rinsing procedure. Make sure that all the conditioner is washed extensively prior to eliminating excess water carefully with your hands- avoiding turning likewise.

Action 5: Drying out
Right here comes the last action- drying out. After blotting your wig gently with a dry towel, leave your wig air dry which might take a couple of hrs but contribute to a much longer life-span of the wig. Position your wig on a wig stand for air-drying to hold its shape. The key to the drying procedure is permitting your wig to dry naturally, so blow-drying that can create damages to wigs must be stayed clear of or at least minimized.


Do you understand that the storage space technique likewise has a specific effect on the lifespan of your hair replacement system? You do not use a wig 1 day a day regardless of how much you enjoy and also require a wig. If you anticipate a longer life span of your favored wig, you must keep it in the right way! The best method of saving a wig is to put it on a wig stand, which can ensure shape holding of the wig. If saved flat on the table or in a box, your wig would certainly have folds as well as ridges resulting in a much less natural look, as well as the wig hair would probably get twisted or damaged. Moreover, since UV radiation might create damages to hair or create fading, wigs ought to be kept out of straight sunlight. Correct storage space will certainly be favorable for preserving both the form and also style of your wigs.

Wig Treatment Tips:·
-Make use of a wide-tooth comb or a wig brush particularly developed for detangling to eliminate knots
-Prevent warm water to clean your wig
-Usage hair shampoo specially created wigs
-Prevent using conditioner to the base of the wig
-Avoid twisting
-Prevent blow-drying
-Prevent saving the wig flat or under straight sunlight

Undoubtedly, a premium human hair wig could have longer life expectancy if looked after properly. However lifespan of a wig is more than simply associated with whether it is made from human hair or synthetic hair. Virgin human hair, remy hair and non-remy hair are the three kinds of human hair used in wigs, among which virgin human hair would definitely add to the best as well as the longest life-span due to the fact that it is cut from a person who has never had her hair chemically processed. Hence, to find the excellent hair toupee, you must find out about the particular type of hair utilized for making the wig. Virgin human hair will certainly likewise allow you to accomplish one of the most natural-looking look and also the most comfortable using experience.