How To Choose A Right Hair Closure

How To Choose A Right Hair Closure

A hair closure is hair extension where hair strands are tied in a beige or dark brown lace. Lace closures are a few inches wide and they are applied where the hair would have been left to give a natural look on heads that have wigs on. The closure can be placed anywhere where the illusion of a part would like to be achieved be it at the center or side of the head's front. Closures can be glued in place or sewn in.

There are three kinds of hair closures in Milsur: 4x4 inch Lace closure, 5x5 inch Lace Frontal and 13x4 inch Lace Frontal .Most laces closures are wide enough to allow diverse parting styles. You can play around with it however you wish. Milsur provide you with high-quality products that you can trust to make you look great.

How To Choose A Right Hair Closure?

Many people like to choose a closure to make a perfect sewing in.A closure is a small hairpiece or top unit that you can order ready to wear or customize. Closures can be anchored onto the skin using liquid adhesive or double-sided tape for people with hair loss. They can also be attached to hair using clips or sewn onto cornrows. Other weaving techniques such as fusion, bonding, or micro links can be used to hold closures onto the hair as well.

Now we are sharing you some tips for choosing the right hair closure, look them below:

1.Have a good quality is the most important for the suitable hair closure. Choose a good quality lace closure that the color and texture similar to your natural real hair. Part the hair in the closure to get a natural look you want. A side parting one will look more natural than middle parts.

2.The right size is very important, determine the size you need to cover the scalp, and then choose a larger size hair closure to ensure it can cover scalp. A larger size can cut off excess closure, but if it's too small it won't completely cover your scalp.

3.The color of the hair closure also one of  the most important thing you need to consider.Choose the lace color that can match your skin tone, so the lace virtually undetectable like your scalp and aid your lace in the realistic look. You can also dye lace at home, use a fabric dye close in tone to your skin, and not too dark. Dip a cotton swab into the dye and apply wherever the lace will be visible, such as at the park or around your hairline.

4.Trim off the excess lace off before you wear the lace closure. Just cut the excess off with sharp fabric scissors, leaving about a 1.25-inch lace strip.

5.Before you put on your lace closure, you need to hide all of your own hair in order to let it more natural. Use hair gel to make hair slick and hair won't fly away. French braid it if your hair is very long, and put it under a closure cap.

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