How To Answer If Someone Asks If You Are Wearing A Toupee

How To Answer If Someone Asks If You Are Wearing A Toupee

If you're wearing a hair system or wig, you're most likely dealing with hair loss and want to cover it up with a head full of human hair. While they look natural and realistic if installed and mixed correctly, friends, family or colleagues may raise unnecessary questions, especially if you deal with bald or thinning hair for a long time before putting on your first hair replacement system.

So, what would you say if someone asked you if you wore a hair system? This blog will show you some ways you can answer this daunting question.

Hair systems are more popular today
It's important to remember that the hair system today is more acceptable than it was a few years ago. If you need proof, just browse social media platforms like TikTok and check out hashtags like #Hairpieces, #HairSystems, and #HairReplacementSystems, Today's young people continue to be amazed by the natural appearance and realistic wigs and the effects of wigs.

So it's no surprise that people know you're wearing someone else's hair more than they did a few years ago. In addition, hair systems have become almost as popular a hair loss solution as hair transplants and prescription drugs -- all without side effects or risk of infection.

But having said that, everyone is different and not everyone wants the world to know they're wearing a hair system because they'd rather be cautious about it. When asked if you wear a hair system, you can respond in the following ways.

"Why do you ask?"

This can be a bit confrontational, but it's necessary if you feel this is a personal issue beyond the scope, especially if they are strangers. After all, you don't ask a stranger if their wedding ring is real. Hair loss is a very sensitive topic for both men and women, and taking steps to put on a hair system can be intimidating but liberating. But not everyone wants the world to know they're wearing a hair system, so if you answer this question, it will not only leave the questioner speechless, but it will make them understand that this is not the kind of question you like to answer. The same applies if a friend or relative asks, but depending on how close you are to them, you can reduce the directness.

"What is hair system?"

The alternative is to react in a surprising way, as if your hair system were your real hair. Think about how you would respond if someone asked if your skin was real (assuming it is, of course!). . If someone asked you this question, you would be shocked, but even more so. Similarly, if you are asked if you wear a toupee, you will have a similar reaction. Not only will this surprise them, it will make them appreciate your hair even more. Of course, this only works if they've never seen you without a hair system before. But even if they've seen you bald in the past, you can always say it was stress-related or that you had a bad haircut before!

3."No, this is my real hair."

You can always diplomatically reply that it's your real hair. After all, if you're wearing a human hair systme, you're technically now owning and wearing real human hair. If you think it's weird to say it's your real hair, think of it this way -- you don't say your phone or car isn't yours just because you bought it somewhere else. Similarly, you can use the same logic for the hair system. If you can answer with confidence, it will better convince the person making the request so they don't have to ask again.

How can you prevent your hair system from being noticed
Another thing hair system wearers can do is prevent this problem in the first place by not letting their toupee be detected or too obvious. One can tell in several ways. On the one hand, if a toupee (or hair) is too perfect, shiny and flawless, that can be a deadly giveaway to your hair-wearing system. After all, how often in your daily life do you spot an average person with perfect hair? You doubt things yourself!

Or, if your hair density doesn't fit your scalp, it will also look very unnatural when you're on the slightly older side with a density of 120%.

How to choose the right hair density for your hair replacement systems?

The front hairline is also a key indicator. For starters, a hairline that is completely or too straight and linear is suspicious. Lace and lace frontal hair systems provide a natural hairline and give the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp. However, if the installation is not correct, you may see lace material. This can happen if the wrong accessory is used or if the wearer does not trim enough lace on the front. Finally, hair and cut are also important. Some hair systems are designed for forward hair, and if you pull it back, the hairline will be very noticeable and detectable. Sometimes, the base can also be detected, especially if it's a very thick base, which leads to our next point.

It's also important to choose the right undertone and make sure it matches your skin tone. For example, if you have darker skin and use a light pink base, you are clearly wearing a hair replacement system. To prevent this, you can choose the colour of the base when placing your order with us.

Now, not only will you know how to answer questions about whether you wear a hair system, but you will also know how to prevent being asked by making sure your hair system looks natural and unnoticeable. That being said, if you are ready to let the world know that you are wearing a male hair prosthesis, please show it off with pride and confidence.