How Much Do You Know About Q6?

How Much Do You Know About Q6?
The Q6 hair system unit is excellent in terms of reliability and functionality. The unit has French lace on the front and clear polyester on the back and sides. That gives it this iconic look. If you prefer to use hair system tape, this is also a good choice. The hair on this toupee is 100% pure and soft.

Another benefit of the Q6 toupee is that it doesn't restrict you from doing any of your daily activities. You can bike, swim, exercise and shower freely. The material of this hair mask is very soft and breathable.

You don't have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the Q6. You should comb your hair and wig with a big comb. Wash hair only when the wig is dirty, otherwise try using conditioner to extend the life of the hair replacement unit.

There are three ways to install this post; Secure, cut and tape with glue and adhesive. Most people prefer duct tape, but you can use the method you like.