How Long Can The Milsur Hair System Be Used?

How Long Can The Milsur Hair System Be Used?
Aside from cost, hair replacement system wearers generally consider three main factors when choosing their unit. They either want a wig that looks very natural and is easy to maintain, or a wig that is very durable and will last a long time. While you can get some combination of these three qualities, for some people durability is a top priority. After all, human hair systems aren't super expensive, but they certainly aren't cheap. Who wouldn't want a man's wig that can last six months or more without compromising hair quality? That being said, we'll take a look at the various hair systems Milsur offers and their durability and durability.

Note: All durability schedules are general estimates. Actual durability varies with the particular device and the way the wig is maintained and maintained. This means that some wigs may have a shorter or longer lifespan than estimated.

Short durability (disposable)
Wigs that last about a month are usually disposable hair systems that can be thrown away once you first remove them. These mainly include the popular ultra-thin skin hair system. While they look perfectly natural, they don't last very long considering their bottom thickness is between 3 and 4 mils. The units also use v-rings for ventilation, i.e. when the hair is wrapped around the base in a V-shape. This allows for a system that looks very natural, but also greatly affects its overall durability.

In general, Milsur only recommends using these systems for four to six weeks. While some customers have been able to get more than two months out of the ultrathin Skin hair system, it depends on their maintenance and upkeep of the device. While it's certainly possible, hair quality naturally degrades, so it's best to stick to a general estimate.

Short to medium durability
The next toupee we're going to look at are toupee that are more durable than disposable hair systems, but they're not really durable, they last for a period of time. That means they should be able to last about two to three months, depending on the particular unit and how well they are cared for.

Medium durability
If they don't want to spend too much on wigs each year, the following hair systems have the durability that most people are looking for. Products of moderate durability should last three to six months.

Lace and skin and mono: Different toupee basics explained

Finally, we'll look at heavy-duty and durable hair systems. This means they can last for more than six months and sometimes as long as a year. However, as mentioned earlier, this depends on many factors, such as the specific unit (not every unit is the same, because there are different ventilators), the customer's body chemistry, how much care they take to the system, and much more.

As you will notice, polyethylene skin is present in all of our hair units and has long durability with monofilaments, which happen to be one of the most durable materials, especially when used with polyethylene skin. But remember, there's a trade-off between natural appearance and durability. So while these systems last a long time, they are not ideal if you want something natural looking.

If durability is your main goal, you should now know which men's wigs are best suited to your tastes. Ready to start buying stock hair systems? Start now!