How Long Can A Hair System With Glue Last?

How Long Can A Hair System With Glue Last?
If you're new to the world of hair replacement systems, you're probably full of question marks; like how long can I use my toupee without taking it off for maintenance? Is it possible to leave a toupee with glue on for a week? Can I use wig glue on all hair systems? Sounds familiar, right? Well, we're glad you asked!

Wearing your hair system the right way and implementing the correct hair system care and maintenance regime is critical to a happy and long-lasting wig experience. Get it wrong and you can end up with a damaged wig, or a wig with a greatly shortened lifespan. So, listen up!

Wig glue is a common attachment method for permanent wig wearers seeking a long-lasting attachment.  Not recommended for daytime wig wearers. Don't wear a wig for more than six weeks at a time. After prolonged, uninterrupted use of the hair system, the adhesive becomes a sticky, sticky substance that penetrates into the hair through the base of the hair system. Once this happens, not only will you need to clean up the tangled, sticky mess, but you will likely cause irreversible damage to your .

So, how long can I leave a toupee with glue in it?
We wish we could give you a straightforward answer, but the reality is that it depends on many factors: what material your wig is made of, the adhesive used to bond the hair system to your scalp, your Skin type, your lifestyle, temperature and climate, amount of scalp sweating and how often you clean your scalp and rebond your hair system.

As a general rule, we recommend that you wear a wig for two to three weeks at a time. Ideally, you want to give your scalp and natural hair some time to breathe, and thoroughly wash and condition your wig before reattaching it. If you have two hair systems, rotate between them to extend the life of each hair system.

There are many types of hair systems, some more elaborate than others. That's why some people can use it for weeks on end, while others need maintenance after a week.

lace Hair System
Lace wigs are one of the most delicate types of hair systems. While they're great for achieving an imperceptible and natural look, they're not meant for clunky or clumsy users. Lace is thin and can tear easily, so it must be handled with care. Never apply liquid adhesive directly to a lace wig. Instead, apply the adhesive to the scalp, wait for it to dry and be slightly tacky, then gently position and hold the hair system in place.

We do not recommend bonding this type of hair system for more than a week. After that, the adhesive will start to seep into the delicate lace matrix and damage your hair system. As mentioned earlier, this not only reduces the longevity and natural look of the lace wig, it also results in a tedious and challenging clean-up process.

Fine Mono Hair System
Thin mono hairpieces are more durable than lace hair systems. They are more resistant to adhesives, so they can be worn longer. While mono base toupee can be worn for six weeks, we are not recommended. Mainly from a hygiene point of view, due to the accumulation of bacteria and oils, but also protects the skin or the perimeter of the lace from continuous use without cleaning. Speaking of which, it's just as important to clean your scalp and implement a toupee care and maintenance regime after removing fine mono hair replacement system.

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