Can You Wash Your Hair System In The Shower?

Can You Wash Your Hair System In The Shower?
Since your hair system is an investment, it's important to take care of it. A big part of this routine involves washing your wig regularly. But how should you clean it? Is it possible to wash the hair system in the shower without removing it? Good news - it is!

While it's possible to clean your toupee in the shower, in order to best maintain your toupee, it's best to take it off and give it a good scrub. This way, you can clean your hair system from the inside out, removing all build-up oils and adhesives. This enhances the cohesion of the hair system and ensures the longest lifespan for your hair system.

That being said, we all have busy days (or days when we just want to hit the snooze button) during which you may not have the time (or desire) to completely clean your hair system. These days, you might just have to put on a wig in the shower - luckily, that's totally fine! Here, we'll cover something you need to know when showering with a hair system.

Before you get into the shower, there are a few things you can do to get ready to shower with your hairpiece. You can start by gently combing your wig with a wide-toothed comb to get rid of any tangles or tangles. You can also take the time to choose your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

In the shower:
Once you're ready to take a shower, the most important thing to do to protect your hair system is to regulate the water temperature. If the water is too hot, it can damage your hair system. This can lead to extra knots, dull hair and a shorter overall hair system life. In order to best maintain your hair system, it is crucial to use only cold or lukewarm water when you wash your hair system (in the shower or otherwise).

Once your water is just right, you can jump in and start washing your hair system. Come on, get your head completely wet. Try not to over-agitate your wig with your hands, but to gently run the water through it. Next, you can use the shampoo of your choice, making sure to distribute it completely throughout your hair. It's important to remember that you don't want to scrub the wig's hair the way you would with long hair - as it could damage your hair system or damage the wig's bond.

You can now gently rinse the hairpiece, making sure to avoid damaging the toupee or its bonds. It's important to wash off any remaining shampoo, as buildup of shampoo can cause itching and damage the bond of the hairpiece.

After all shampoo has been removed, you can continue to condition your wig. To properly maintain any hair system, it should be conditioned regularly. This applies to all types of wigs, especially those made from natural hair. To best maintain a wig made from natural hair, you should always give it extra moisture to protect it and prevent it from drying out.

What's next:
Once you've washed your hair system in the shower, you should make sure to start drying it. Gently pat your hair with a clean, dry towel - make sure you don't pull or squeeze it too much. You should avoid using a hair dryer as the heat can damage your hairpiece and damage your hairpiece's bond.

You can also use this time to start brushing your hair. Must be very gentle. Avoid brushing straight from the front to the back, as cleaning the wig will weaken the adhesive and may come off the front of the head if you pull straight back.

So, good news - you can shower with your hair replacement system! As long as you follow a small selection of our tips and advice, you should be able to get your human hair system clean in the shower!