Whatever You Need To Understand About Tape-In Extensions

Whatever You Need To Understand About Tape-In Extensions

Say goodbye to your old clip-ins and also say hello to the new innovated tape-in extensions. Tape-in expansions are the perfect method to include lavish quantity as well as size to your hair for a brief duration, lasting one to 2 months. Additionally, the extensions are painless, non-damaging, as well as highly versatile-- you can also shake a high ponytail without the expansions showing.

And also, unlike clip-ins and wigs that can be awkward to put on, tape-in expansions are relatively painless. Consider hair extensions that are lightweight and breathable, so they will not be plucking your all-natural strands.

We talked with Atlanta-based Hairstylist Kaleah Slay from Slayologyco Studio ATL concerning the process of installing the expansions, up-keep, as well as the very best hair to make use of. Below is everything you to find out about tape-ins prior to you set up a consultation.

Unlike clip in hair extensions, tape-in extensions need to be skillfully set up.
Tape-in expansions are one to one as well as a half inches of areas of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade glue to your hair. The extensions have to be professionally mounted by a qualified cosmetologist. Tape-ins can not be DIYed, unlike clip-ins. The extensions should be applied to tidy hair to make certain that the adhesive sticks on the client's hair. As soon as the hair is corrected the alignment of or blown out, the hairdresser will after that "sandwich" the two wefts of expansions with the client's hair in between. Tape-in extensions installation additionally require no devices or chemicals.

Tape-ins will last from 8 to 10 weeks, relying on new growth as well as quality of extensions.
Once the hair has actually grown out quite a bit, the expansions will certainly need to be gotten by a specialist. The hairdresser will certainly use a specific tape-in cleaner option to make the procedure painless and also very easy, leaving your natural hair undamaged.

Tape-in extensions come in different hair structures.
Tape-in expansions are sold in various hair textures, from Kind 1 to Type 4 hair. Curly-haired customers will certainly need to get a blowout or silk press for the popular luxurious lengthy pressed look to ensure that the all-natural hair will certainly assimilate with the straight expansions. In this situation, Kill recommends that "curly and also curly structures to be mindful that as your new development is available in your natural texture will certainly be subjected." For long-lasting results, acquiring a hair type that matches your natural hair will certainly function best.

You can clean your hair with tape-in expansions mounted.
It is advised to wash your hair with tape-in expansions installed because it is a semi-permanent hairdo. It is vital to keep the glue strip free from moisture and also dust. As soon as your hair begins to come to be oily or dirty, wash it quickly to ensure the long-term of the extension.

Tape-in expansions are not advised for people with dry scalp.
Tape-in glue strips are very conscious moisture. So, oiling your scalp is a big no! For individuals that suffer from a dehydrated scalp, tape-in expansions are not the healthiest hairdo to get due to absence of dampness. Furthermore, a completely dry scalp can result in hair breakage.

Naturalistas who work out can put on tape-in expansions as well.
Among the biggest mistaken beliefs is that one have to pick in between working out or their silk press. Many curly-gals usually shy away from hair extensions that need a part of their all-natural being omitted. Yet, Tape-in expansions are all-natural hair friendly. Kill works with several customers who have normally curly hair as well as have a daily workout regime. Slay suggested that customers "make use of a strike dryer on great setting when they get home from the health club." She added, "blow-dry your origins totally before placing any kind of tensions with brushing or cleaning. Additionally, make sure the tape is entirely dry prior to adjusting the hair."

Top quality is essential.
To make certain that you are getting the very best purchase for your buck, purchasing human hair extensions is properly to go. Despite the fact that human hair can end up being pricey, high quality hair will certainly permit even more extended wear as the glue lasts for numerous installations.