How Much Are Real Hair Wigs?

How Much Are Real Hair Wigs?

How much are real hair wigs? Is there a difference between cheap and expensive fake hair wigs? What do you need to know about them? Find out what your options are and where to buy them here!

The cost of a real hair wig varies dramatically depending on the type of hair you choose. For example, synthetic hair wigs are often much cheaper than human hair wigs. However, synthetic wigs come with a number of disadvantages. They are generally less durable than human hair wigs, and their color can fade over time. So how do you decide which option is best for you?

Are you tired of looking at hair that’s not real and wish you had the option to buy real hair wigs? Do you feel like you’re getting ripped off when you pay so much money for hair extensions? Do you wish you could have hair like Kim Kardashian, and be able to get extensions just like she does? Well, today I’m going to show you how much are real hair wigs, and where you can get them from.

In today’s world, where people are obsessed with looking and feeling younger than their age, there are tons of different ways to achieve this look. One of the best options is to purchase real hair wigs. But how much do they cost? To make your purchase decision easier, we’re going to break down the prices of the top five hair wigs from the best selling hair extension companies on the market.

Have you been looking for the answer to this question? If so, then you have come to the right place! We want to help you find the best quality hair wigs at the most affordable price.

  1. What is the value of a real hair wig?

One thing that is commonly misunderstood by wigs and hairstyling professionals is the value of a real human hair wig. This misunderstanding often results in wigs and hairpieces being bought without regard for how they might actually look on a person. For example, a wig might be purchased because the color looks nice or because it is made of a soft material. But what about the appearance of the hairpiece? Is the hair attached to the head in a natural way? Does it look realistic? Does it look like a person's own hair? What does the overall look and feel like to the touch? These questions are vital to deciding if a wig will look and feel comfortable and realistic.

Real wigs are better for people who don’t have hair loss. Most synthetic wigs will last anywhere from three to five years. With a synthetic wig, the buyer has to replace the wig every three to four months. However, there are many styles of real wigs, and the cost is quite reasonable. If you plan on wearing the wig often, a real wig could save you money over the long run.


  1. Compare wigs to hair extensions

Hair extensions aren’t a new concept, but they’re becoming increasingly popular among young women looking to take their hair game to the next level. For women who love their natural hair, the only real options previously have been to either dye their hair completely or wear it in cornrows, buns, or extensions. Wigs and hair extensions are a far more natural option than dying your hair. They are a less invasive approach and they also don’t leave any kind of residue.

Let's be honest. Wigs are a no-brainer if you're looking for a quick fix to getting long hair without having to spend time, money, or effort on it. Hair extensions are a bit trickier to figure out. They're also less obvious and less in-your-face than a wig, but they can still fool a lot of people.

  1. Why do you need a wig?

We’ve all been there. You’re at the grocery store, perusing the aisles looking for something you need to stock up on when you suddenly realize you’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle. You need a wig, of course. But what will you do when your head starts to itch? What if you forget your wig while you’re gone? Wigs are easy to forget about because they take up minimal space and require minimal maintenance. They can make you look better without costing you a fortune. All you need to do is put in the time to maintain your hair style.

  1. Why Are Human Hair Wigs Expensive?

The answer lies in the price structure for human hair wigs. A quality 100% human hair wig is priced similarly to a quality human hair weave. Since both are made of human hair, there’s little difference in the price. However, since a 100% human hair wig comes from a single donor and a human hair weave comes from multiple donors, the cost of production can be much higher for a human hair weave. This means that if the human hair weave is priced lower than the 100% human hair wig, you can expect to see less profit margin.

Hair wigs have been used throughout history to hide baldness or other hair loss conditions. The first known wig was made from animal hair. However, animal hair doesn't retain heat like human hair. In the 1930s, plastic was invented and hair became a popular choice for wigs. Plastic, while not permanent, did allow for a much more realistic appearance. Eventually, the cost of these hair wigs came down to a point where people could afford them for everyday use.

A real hair wig is made by taking a piece of human hair, plaiting it, and weaving it into a fabric-like material. Once this is completed, the hair is heat set and styled to give it the look of human hair. This is much better than the synthetic wigs because the real hair gives a more lifelike appearance and it takes longer to grow.