How do you install a wig?

How do you install a wig?

If you’re like most people, the thought of having to wear a wig to work terrifies you. But if you do it right, it won’t seem like a wig at all.


I installed a wig today on my head. This week I spent some time on YouTube trying to figure out how to put on a wig. I’d been considering buying a wig, but I wanted to learn how to put one on so I didn’t look like a crazy man. So I did what I always do when I’m looking for answers online: I read a bunch of stuff and then tried to apply what I learned.

My first step was to determine if I was actually going to wear this thing regularly. I started with a hair color I wanted to go with, but I changed my mind and decided on a red color instead. Then I took my hair out of its ponytail and started pulling sections of it through the holes in the top of the wig cap. The wig itself came with an elastic band, so I pulled the elastic tight around the top of my head, making sure the wig cap sat snugly on my head. I had to keep tugging on the wig cap, and eventually the elastic became too tight and started feeling uncomfortable, so I had to loosen the elastic and retie it. Then I took the wig off the elastic and started putting it on by hand.

I went through the same process for the back of my head, making sure the wig fit snugly before continuing. Next, I looked up videos showing how to properly put on a wig. After a few minutes of watching these videos, I figured out how to properly put on the wig cap, but the wig cap was still way too loose. I had to tighten it up again.

Now that I had the wig cap on, I looked up how to take off a wig cap. To do this, I needed to lift up the elastic band holding the wig cap on my head and pull the wig cap up and off my head. I had a hard time getting the elastic band to loosen, though, so I had to tug on the elastic a few times. After that, I had to get the wig off my head. When I lifted up the wig, I noticed that the wig was dirty, which made me worried that it would ruin my hair. Luckily, it was just dirt.

Once the best wig was off my head, I washed the wig with a brush to clean it up. I then gave the wig a quick rinse and blow-dry to dry it out. I applied some conditioner to the wig to make it soft. After that, I put the wig back on my head and inspected myself in the mirror to see how the wig looked.

So, overall, the process of putting on a wig was kind of hard. I spent more time finding videos and learning how to do it than I did putting on the wig itself. 

In this article, I want to take you on a journey through the process of installing a human hair wig. We’ll start at the beginning—the decision to purchase a human hair wig—and move through the various components needed to create the perfect look.

  1. Choose the Right Headpiece
  2. Choose the Right Size
  3. Decide Where to Cut
  4. Pin on the Hair
  5. Clip on the Wig
  6. Put it On
  7. Style It Up
  8. Go For The Win

Conclusion: How do you install a human hair wig? First, you find a wig that fits the hair style you want. Then, you select the hair type you want to wear—curly, wavy, or straight. Next, you trim the wig so it looks the way you want. You can use a scissors or clippers to remove the curls or waves, or you can use heat to shape the hair and flatten the curls. Finally, you apply a sealer to prevent the wig from drying out and crackling, and you use spray adhesive to attach the hair to the wig.