7 Amazing Things to Do With Your Old Hair Extensions

7 Amazing Things to Do With Your Old Hair Extensions

Are you the proprietor of a drawer full of old hair extensions? Us too. We get it - these locks of hair were as soon as your pride and joy. Hey - they gifted you with months of luxurious locks-- just how could you simply toss them away? And also, you spent your hard-earned money on them! So we completely understand-- you merely do not intend to part with them.

Yet when they do not quite suffice as actual hair extensions any longer, but they're still too fine to get rid of-- just what can you do with them?

Ends up, there are lots of amazing means to restore and make one of the most out of your old hair extensions.

Right here's exactly how to obtain your money's worth:

Style Them right into a Hair Accessory
Those weary expansions ain't appropriate for glamming up your mane anymore, however fashion them right into a hair device as well as hey presto! Said expansions are restored as well as prepared to partay.
1: Clip In Braids

Want split second interpretation and also appearance to your hair? Who doesn't! However exactly how?
Readymade pigtails.

And they're very straightforward to make. Order your old clip in extensions and also intertwine them. Clip into your hair whenever you want romantic bohemian vibes. Looks like you spent ages crafting as well as braiding your hair - actually, you whipped them out of a drawer and connected them in simply a few secs. Result!

This technique deals with ALL hair colours, however if you have some old balayage or ombre clip-ins laying around then you're in luck. These sun-kissed colours produce an effortless beachy-boho ambiance.

2. Messy Hair Bun

We know you're green-eyed over your mate with the skillfully slipshod, lively bun. Exactly how? Since we've been there as well. But take our recommendations and quit drooling - start recreating. It's a surprisingly simple hairstyle to duplicate!

Take a hair doughnut and also cover your old hair extensions around the doughnut to create a thick, volumised bun. Either adhesive or pin completions onto the bottom of the doughnut to secure in position. Position it over a braid, after that cover your tresses over the top for added thickness. Backcomb your hair as well as pull out arbitrary hairs for a hot, undone appearance. Your bun mate will be livid.

3: Braided Hairband

All of us recognize one-- that smug lady who appears to drift wistfully around your neighbourhood with a rippling maxi gown as well as easily knotted crown ... how does she do it? Well, she doesn't. That has time to braid their crown daily anyway? We're telling you-- it's a braided hairband.

Excellent information-- you can conveniently make your own knotted crown with used hair extensions. Just weave the old hair as well as secure at each end with an Invisibobble. Usage Kirby clips to safeguard completions underneath your hair at the neck of your neck. Add a few more clips around the crown to keep the braid safe and secure and voila-- you're now THAT woman.

4: Hair Wrapped Bobble

Hiding your bobble with a strand of hair twisted around it boosts your braid from basic to swanky in no time at all.

But suppose your do is a lot more emergency room, rat's tail than braid?

You'll probably struggle to lending the added locks required to skilfully conceal your hair tie. Not to stress, an old extension will suffice nicely.

Slot a small hair extension (such as one of our Nano Ring Hair Extensions) under the bobble-- don't stress you won't see this little bit-- and also continue to cover the extension all around the bobble for a seamless and also innovative finish. Protect the ends below your braid with a clip. No extra natural hair needed!

Also for additional motivation click to see Our 6 Favourite Twist Around Ponytail Hairstyles.

5: Use to Create Quantity

Really feeling a little retro? A beehive remains in order. However wait ... you're merely not honored with the sort of plentiful mane called for to produce a beehive of Bardot proportions-- what's a woman to do?

Create a 'hair rat'.

Er ... state what!
Do not fret. We don't indicate create a real rat out of hair.

Phew! No, a hair rat has been made use of by ladies because the 19th century and also it's because become a sector secret made use of by any person needing a little assistance in the volumized bonce department. It's primarily a sphere of hair put under the locks on your crown to develop excellent elevation. Here's how to make one:

- Backcomb your hair extensions as well as scrunch them right into a ball


- Location them right into a hair internet - your hair rat is currently complete!


- Area your locks at the top of the crown and secure your hair rat into location with clips or barrettes


- Brush your own hair over the top and also design right into a fashionable beehive-- Brigitte Bardot eat your heart out!

- Shop someplace nobody will ever before establish eyes on it.

6: Make a Clip-in Edge
This is the ideal immortality for any of our old weft extensions. Merely clip the weft into the front of your hair, where a fringe would certainly be, and snip into your desired edge form.

Not certain with the scissors? Take it to a beautician!

For a little charge, a professional would more than happy to cut it for you. Tada! You currently have a non-permanent fringe, permanently. No trims, no unpleasant growing out stage, no regrets. Clip in when you elegant beautiful bangs-- take out when you don't! Easy peasy.

7: Create Clip-In Highlights
Want to experiment with fashionable colours but do not want to devote?

Clip-in highlights are the method onward. There's no demand to purchase brand-new expansions-- any of our old blonde expansions will certainly do. Color them eccentric colors such as pastel pink or mint green, after that clip into your hair for immediate hipster highlights. Impressive for event season or parties.

Required some colour motivation? Have a look at our Funky Shades area for amazing colour ideas!

Suggestion: Take Care Of Your Extensions to Extend Their Use
So there are loads of trendy points you can do with your old hair extensions after their affirmed usage by day. Yet if they're a full old mess - you may just need to bite the bullet and also toss them away.

To ensure your hair extensions survive a second wind as a fashionable hair accessory then you should care for THEM.

That implies treating them with hair shampoo, conditioner and haircare products made particularly for hair extensions. Our 2 in 1 Hair shampoo and also Conditioner, Heat Protection Spray as well as Satin Touch Detangling Hair Brush are all marvel products that ensure your hair extensions can delight in added lives as deluxe hair accoutrements. Check them out here.

Have you given your old hair extensions a second wind? What did you make out of them ?!

So, now that you know what to do with your old hair extensions, why not have a check out our hair extension collection right here at Milsur to overhaul your hair. Our goal is to supply confidence boosting, budget friendly, beautiful hair extensions for all, no matter the hair type or issue. We have a vast array of lengths and over 50shades to pick from including our new balayage shades! We have also obtained all the devices and haircare products you need to apply as well as keep them below. Whatever your after you will certainly find it in our selection, and also what's even more if you need any kind of assistance selecting the ideal ones for you do not hesitate to ask a professional as well as use our FREE Colour Match and also Suggestions service by clicking the button listed below!