5 Types Of Hair Extensions That Are The Best For Every Girl

5 Types Of Hair Extensions That Are The Best For Every Girl

Extensions are becoming the latest trend in the fashion industry and are now available in all the salons. Girls can buy hair extensions online and take them home for use. The beauty of extensions is that they are not only for special occasions, but can also be worn throughout the year.

Hair extensions are usually made of synthetic materials and are glued to the hair shaft. They come in different shapes, lengths, colors, and textures. To understand what type of extensions to buy, you need to know which one suits your needs and the hair type.

Here are the five types of hair extensions that are the best for every girl.

Halo Hair Extensions:

Halo extensions are considered to be the best type of hair extensions because it can be attached and removed easily and are safe for daily use. Halo extensions are attached with glue and are usually the best option for curly and straight hair.

Swarovski Crystal Hair Extensions:

These extensions are designed in a unique way. They are made up of small crystals and are the best choice for fine hair. The main problem with this extension is that it is difficult to attach and it may damage your hair if it is attached for a long period.

Human Hair Extensions:

This is one of the best hair extensions for thin hair. They are easy to wear and you can also wash and blow-dry them. But, it is hard to find good quality human hair extensions.

Silicone Hair Extensions:

This is the best hair extension for straight hair. Silicone hair extensions are easy to use and can last for a long time. They are very soft and comfortable to wear and you can wash them as well.

Wig Hair Extensions:

Wigs are one of the best hair extensions for curly and frizzy hair. They are easy to wash and you can use them daily. It is also a good idea to use them for short periods of time.

How to Choose Hair Extensions

There are many types of hair extensions available in the market but choosing one is not an easy task. The hair extension is not the same as human hair and hence it needs to be handled carefully.

Hair extensions are available in different types like weft, clip-in, tape-in and others. There are also different techniques for applying hair extensions such as weaving, braiding, etc. Each technique has its own pros and cons, which we will discuss below.

Clip-in extensions

The clip-in is the easiest method of application. This type of hair extension is the most popular one as it is easy to apply and there are no restrictions on the length of the hair extensions. The only drawback is that the clip-in is not recommended for people with thin hair as it takes a lot of time to clip in.

Tape-in extensions

This is the most popular method of hair extension. It is also known as the ‘pull-on’ method. In this method, the hair is tied on the scalp, using a rubber band, then the hair is pulled and attached to the scalp using tape. This is an ideal method for people with thin hair, but for people with thick hair, it takes more time to pull on.

Weaving extensions

Weaving is a very common method of hair extension. The weave is placed on the scalp, by hand, and then the hair is pulled through the weave. This is the most common way of hair extension.


Choosing the right best hair extension is not a piece of cake, but it will be worth your while if you choose the one that suits your personality.