We always receive requests such as this: "I want one of the most undetectable hair toupee on the market, as well as I expect it to last a minimum of 6 months." The truth is that you can not anticipate one hair system to be one of the most undetected as well as have a lengthy life-span at the same time. Different human hair systems have different benefits.

Being Transparent as well as Undetectable Requires Thin and also Delicate Material


Take our Ultra-Thin skin men hair system for instance. The skin base is 0.02mm-0.03 mm thick and also it is the most transparent base offered on the marketplace. It is the most fragile product base. Thin bases look very reasonable as well as less cumbersome ahead. Nonetheless, it's impossible for it to last longer than 6 or even more months. With the right care and also upkeep, this base can last 2-3 months.

Discover Your Perfect Concession

We have over 20 designs of stock males's hair systems and also you'll discover one that can provide you a little bit of everything you're looking for.

If you like the ultra-thin hair item, however you can not manage 4-5 pieces a year, then think about a somewhat thicker base to acquire a much longer long lasting time.

This is our one of the skin hair system that it's a little thicker than last. It can last longer at about 4-6 months, which is 2-3 pieces a year.
If it is still not economic for you, checkout our this thin skin hair system below.

This skin hair system is a bit thicker than last one and also can last 6-9 months which is only 1-2 pieces a year.

Wearing a fringe

Typically thick skin bases as well as strong monofilament bases can last a very long time. Some may last more than a year. Nonetheless, the base is not extremely transparent. In this instance, using a mild edge with your hair replacement system can make the front location look more natural. Ask your hair system stylist to make a hairdo with a fringe for you, so the edge can cover the observable front hairline properly.

Choosing the right thickness for your age is very vital. As an example, for a person in his 20s, he will certainly look wonderful with 130% hair. While for an old man in his 50's, a lighter density of 90% will certainly be the best for him.

If you're not sure which style to choose, feel free to call us and our hair system specialists will be very delighted to aid you pick your excellent design.