How to Prevent Human Hair Bundles From Shedding

How to Prevent Human Hair Bundles From Shedding

Human hair bundles have become increasingly popular. After installing human hair, have you experienced the problem of hair bundles from shedding? What are the main reasons for the shed of human hair bundles? What can you do to prevent it? This article will tell you the answer.

Why do human hair bundles shedding?

  1. Just like your natural hair, your natural hair typically sheds 50-100 strands a day as the hair folliclesages, in which case excessive shedding of human hair bundlesmay mean it's time to re-install or reseal weft.
  1. Sometimes, human hair bundlesfall out due to improper care, improper styling, or unsealed weft. Human hair bundlesare human hair that is sewn into the weft. If your bundles are not handled properly, your bundles will be damaged. How can you avoid these? Continue reading.

Tips for preventing human hair bundles from shedding
1. Gently cleanse human hair bundles
When your human hair bundles are fragile, it's more likely to fall out, just like your natural hair, which can fall out if you don't take care of it. Cleaning can prevent hair from drying out and falling out easily. To reduce shedding, you can use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner after installing your human hair bundles. Professional human hair shampoos are more powerful than regular shampoos because they remove oil and rejuvenate your hair. Gentle cleansing helps hair repair, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and fragrant after washing. Don't put extra sprays or oils on your bundles. Make sure your bundles are clean, brushed and free of dust, tangles and knots.

2.Select double weft human hair bundles

The human hair bundles can be double weft or single weft . Double weft human hair bundles are two pieces of hair sewn together. Double weft is thicker, safer to sew and reduces hair loss, double weft human hair can also create a complete look installation.

3.Do not cut the weft when installing the human hair bundles

Whether you're gluing wigs, using clip-on human hair, quickly weave human hair, or stitching human hair bundles, be mindful of how you handle human hair. If the stylist cuts the weft around human hair, cutting the weft can make the human hair fall out more easily. Instead of cutting the weft, the stylist stitches the track the length of the head, then turns the end upside down to continue sewing the next track, instead of cutting the weft. Use the flip method to make sure all human hair is used.

4.Reinforce human hair bundles and wefts with glue

Reinforce the weft with glue to reduce hair loss. Using the spray nozzle, apply glue directly along the entire weft line of the human hair bundles, and after the sealant dries, turn the filling over and repeat the process, making sure to apply the sealant to both wefts. Be careful not to apply sealant to the human hair bundles, this can cause clumping and damage the human hair. Reinforcing the weft with glue gives the bundles last longer and provides a more satisfying install for wearers who require less maintenance.

5. Don't tug at your human hair bundles.

When removing or installing human hair bundles, be patient at the remove the human hair bundles slowly to minimize shedding. Think of human hair bundles as natural hair, and constant pulling and rubbing can cause the hair to fall out. So try not to pull your hair too hard. Be patient when removing or installing

It's important to remember that no hair will not fall out at all, but taking these steps will reduce shedding. If you consistently follow these tips, your human hair bundles will look more durable and shed less.

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