Just how To Select The Right One-Piece Hair Extension

If you're seeking an instant improvement with the least amount of initiative then a One Piece Clip In Hair Extension is for you! Applied in under 3 mins they can be made use of to include quantity, length, colour or enhance hair up designs making them among the most flexible and also prominent extension products on the market today. As with the majority of clip in hair extensions there are several variants of this product so it can obtain a tad perplexing when it involves deciding the appropriate one for you. We have actually assembled a guide on just how to choose your best piece that includes a step-by-step application tutorial and also style motivation.

What Is A One Item Clip-In Hair Extension?

For a great deal of individuals multi item expansion collections are excessive initiative, they can have up to 8 pieces that require to be positioned throughout the head. The charm of a One Item Clip In Hair Extension is that you only require to fret about a single piece which takes a portion of the time and also trouble to use than a full head multi item collection. They rest quietly beneath the hair generally affixed from ear to ear and vary in density relying on your hair kind. This Clip-in kind is specifically appealing for customers with great hair looking to include an all-natural amount of quantity. For more details check out our complete One Piece Clip Ins FAQ's.

Right here at Milsur we have an option of 3 One Item Clip-in Hair Extensions that cover all hair kinds as well as demands. Allow us speak you with them ...

One Item Top Up Hair Extension

Best For: Thin/Fine Hair

Includes: Quantity or Colour

The lightest of all our clip in hair extensions considering just 40g, the Top Up Piece is among the best hair extensions for fine hair. 5 little steel snap clips are sewed onto a 10" vast strip of Remy, human hair that sits covertly below even the finest of hair. In addition to being a wonderful means to securely include volume to thin hair this item is also generally utilized in bridal styling as well as to include pops of colour to natural hair without needing to dye. Thanks to its very slim joint its really easy to hide making it the best product to use when the hair is up. With 40+ colours as well as 4 various sizes to select from there is an alternative for everyone.

One Item Quad Weft Hair Extension

Best for: Average/Normal Density

Includes: Volume, Colour or small amount of size

The leading seller of our one piece collection the Quad weft is an all rounder to suit most hair types. Containing a 10" vast strip of hair that weighs 80g, this piece sits snuggly underneath the hair from ear to ear. Because of the much heavier weight the joint is somewhat thicker than the Leading Up item so consumers with really slim or great hair may struggle to blend this item. Usually described as a Volumizer, the Quad Weft can be used by itself to include quantity and also 1-2" of size to natural, typical thickness hair. With 20+ colours and 4 different sizes to select from there is an option for everyone.

The thickest, heaviest, GLAMMEST of all our One Item hair extensions. This item was made with overindulgence in mind, for anybody looking for large volume and huge size this is the product for you! At a massive 120g this item is only appropriate for those with thick hair already. The joint is thicker to keep all that delicious added hair so the Supreme Quad is excellent for hair down designs. 5 small snap clips are stitched securely to a 10" vast strip of human, Remy hair that rests perfectly below the hair. This piece can be used as a stand alone item to include huge quantity, length as well as colour to thick or very thick hair types. With 25+ colours and 5 various sizes to choose from there is a choice for every person.