How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

One of the most common questions we obtain regarding hair extensions is the length of time they last. With correct care, good quality human hair extensions can last approximately six months. However, there are a lot of different variables to take into consideration when considering hair extensions' lifespan, such as the top quality of hair extensions, the items made use of on them, how typically they're washed, how much warmth devices utilized them and so forth. There are a whole host of factors and also variables that play a role in how much time your hair extensions last. Today, we are mosting likely to talk about the life expectancy of two of our most prominent extensions; clip in expansions, and also tape in extensions, as well as some ideas on exactly how to take care of them.

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All hair extensions at Milsur are made from 100% Remy human hair. We are mosting likely to base this blog on the exceptional high quality hair extensions, so this may not apply if you have synthetic hair extensions.
Our hair extensions can last 3 to 6 months when kept thoroughly as well as appropriately. This includes only cleaning with sulphate/alcohol complimentary shampoos. Using a warmth protection spray prior to styling and not utilizing warm on them day-to-day. An excellent means to create curls or waves without utilizing warm is to weave them overnight, this provides a mermaid wave result and is much kinder to the hair.
Dying or toning just like our very own hair will reduce the life span as it is a chemical procsess, so if it can be prevented it needs to be.

How long do clip in hair extensions last?

If you are utilizing your clip in extensions on a regular basis, with good treatment as well as maintenance, clip in hair extension can last as much as from 4 to 6 months. They can last longer if you ensure you are utilizing the most effective items for them to wash, problem, reward as well as style them.

Do not wash your hair extensions frequently-- you can expand the lifespan of your clip in expansions by washing them every 15 puts on or when you see item develop. Whn you are not using them, you need to keep your extensions in a storage space box or case, in a great completely dry area away from direct sunlight to prevent expansions from fading. Always guarantee expansions are completely dry when keeping to prevent microorganisms or mould growing. Our blog site below, details exactly how to make your clip in hair extensions last much longer.
For how long do tape in expansions last?

Tape in extensions are the least harmful expansion to our own natural hair (which definitely adds to their popularity). They need to be professionally re located every 8-12 weeks and our clip hair tapes must last two, if not three re-positions, as long as they are used and taken care of meticulously.

Caring for your tape in extensions calls for a bit extra effort when it pertains to making them last much longer. As an example, tape in extensions are an even more irreversible sort of extensions and also unlike clip in expansions, you can not take them on and off. With that said being said, tape in extensions can last approximately six months relying on upkeep.

How your tape ins are installed contributes in their life expectancy. If you want your tape in extensions last much longer, we very suggest getting them to put in by a specialist. Review our overview below on how to make your tape in expansions last longer.
How usually do hair extensions need to be changed?
Any long-term extension needs to not be left in the hair for longer than 12 weeks it must be repostioned hereafter quantity of time.

Do hair extensions harm your actual hair?
Clip in and tape in hair extensions will not damage your hair as long as you look after them well, have them professionally fitted and got rid of carefully.

For tapes, we advise a good quality tape remove to remove your hair securely. Use it, leave it to work and after that gently peel off the extensions out. If you don't utilize it, then the tapes won't break correctly, creating troubles when you try to eliminate your extensions. You'll stress your hair as well as may damage it by using extreme pressure to get rid of the tapes.