Scalp Care for Toupee Wearers

Wondering what's the secret to strong and lasting connections? Great scalp care! Even the best hair replacement systems require a good scalp care and maintenance routine to look their best. If you're new to the world of wearing hair, the term "scalp preparation" probably hasn't crossed your mind. Even for those who have been wearing wigs for a while, this is an easy step to forget.

However, scalp care for non-surgical hair replacement wearers is important because it not only increases the durability of the hair replacement bond, but also prevents and treats skin irritation.

Fortunately, scalp care is quick and easy once you know how! So, here are some top tips for getting your scalp ready for the best hair system attachments.
Use high-quality hair removal products
When removing a hair replacement system, be sure to use a good adhesive remover. These solvents can help you safely remove any excess adhesive and tape residue from the bottom of your wig as well as the bottom of your hair replacement, as well as your own hair or scalp.

Wash your scalp regularly
Add a scalp cleanser to your morning and bedtime routine if you take off your hair to replace every night. Otherwise, for those who wear wigs for extended periods of time, make sure to wash your scalp as regularly as possible between wearing the toupee.

Moisturize your scalp
After washing your scalp, apply a light facial moisturizer to keep your scalp moisturized and smooth. Get soothing, non-sticky moisture naturally with nourishing essential oils. For sensitive scalps, always opt for fragrance-free natural ingredients or moisturizers specially developed for sensitive skin. Allow the moisturizer to soak in and dry before putting on the human hair system.

Exfoliate once a week
For those without hair, we recommend exfoliating with gloves or an exfoliating face wash once a week. This is because dead skin cells build up under the hair system, causing the adhesive to lose its strength and the scalp to become itchy and uncomfortable. Using an exfoliator will help keep your scalp healthy and prolong the life of the adhesive in your hair system.

Regularly wash the hair replacement system
Washing your hair regularly can help avoid dead skin buildup and treat scalp conditions or infections. Be sure to choose a shampoo based on the wig's hair type and scalp condition, if any.

For sensitive scalps with skin irritation, the right shampoo will depend on your symptoms.

Apply a scalp protector before putting on the wig
Before putting on the wig, use a good scalp protectant to remove any natural oil residue. Not only will this make the bond last longer, but it will also protect your scalp and prevent any skin irritation, such as a rash or redness, that the adhesive might cause.

Protect scalp from sun exposure
Wear at least SPF30 or higher if you plan to expose your bare scalp to the sun. Look for sunscreen lotions designed for the face, as they tend to be less sticky and oily. Alternatively, wear a hat or bandana to protect your scalp from those harsh, harmful UV rays.

Give the scalp some breathing time
We know it's not always easy to find a moment for a hair-free replacement system. However, it is necessary to give your skin some time to breathe to prevent infection and irritation.

Start applying these steps to your care and maintenance routine and you will soon discover that your hair attachment is stronger, lasting longer and that you are feeling even more hair-confident than before!