Is Your Hair System Ready For Summer?

Take care of your hair replacement system units during the hot season

If you've recently installed a hair replacement system, or if you're seriously considering wearing it, you may not know how you care for it differently during cold and hot seasons. Hot, humid summer days can make hair care more challenging, and you may need to take extra care if you're going on vacation. However, following these simple tips will ensure that your hair replacement system is protected in the sun and used for as long as possible.

How does summer weather affect my hair replacement system?

Just like cold winter weather, the sun can dry out your system's hair and cause damage. However, prolonged exposure to the sun can also discolor hair patches, and sweating in high temperatures can weaken the bonding strength of hair patches.

The best way to avoid this is to stay out of the sun or stay in the shade as much as possible during peak hours. If you're in a warm climate, or if you can't avoid being in the sun, we recommend staying as cool as possible. Before reapplying hair, cool your body with ice or cold water. This will help prevent sweating and help it rebond more firmly. Wait about 10 minutes or until the adhesive clears to form a stronger bond in the face of summer weather.

If you're going to use the pool, you can also protect your hair from heat or chlorine water damage. A good way to protect your hair when outdoors in the sun is to cover it with a hat or scarf and hold it in place. In addition to protecting hair pieces from fading or drying out in high temperatures, it also protects your scalp.

If you are swimming, it is recommended to use spare or old hair pieces to keep your current hair pieces in top condition. However, if this is not an option, you can wet your hair and give it a deep conditioning treatment before entering the water. That way, it won't absorb as much chlorine and won't dry out as easily. After that, be sure to thoroughly wash the hair replacement system and use leave-in conditioner. Brush gently with a toothed comb or fingers to avoid breaking your hair.

Hair care system

As with natural hair, avoid using heating tools to shape your hair in hot, dry weather to help keep it looking good for as long as possible. Using a nourishing shampoo and maintaining conditioning will further prevent damage. If you have a human hair system, you can choose shampoos and conditioners specifically designed to treat colored hair. Also available are spray conditioners and conditioning treatments that have UV protection to prevent color fading and keep your hair replacement system in tip-top condition.

If you are unsure of the correct hair care system for the summer, consult your hair replacement technician who can advise you on the most appropriate products and maintenance tips. For any advice on maintaining and styling hair replacement systems, please feel free to contact us for confidential consultation.