How To Remove Wefts From A Wig

How To Remove Wefts From A Wig

It is necessary and you need them sooner rather than later. If you must remove hair wefts at home, please note and follow our step-by-step guide on how to safely remove hair wefts from wigs .

To remove your wefts, you will need the following tools; Narrow tip scissors (hair scissors are ideal, if available), narrow tip pliers (hair extensions are ideal, if available) needle tail combs, 1-2 barrettes.

Remove your wefts from a human hair wig

Step 1. The most effective way to remove weft is to remove them line by line, or in this case; One by one. Start at the base of the back of the head, closest to the nape of the neck. If you have separate weft lines on either side of your head - save them for last. After the first weft is cut, cut off any excess hair.

Step 2. Using scissors, carefully cut the thread that connects the wefts to the microring. It is best to cut straight long wefts threads between each crisscross. After cutting the thread between each microring, slowly loosen the thread using a pin tail comb.

Step 3. You may find it a bit tricky to untie the knot that holds the end of your hair wefts. Carefully insert the scissors into the knot and cut the string. You may need to use the end of the comb to loosen the knot slightly.

Step 4. Continue cutting the straight part of the line all the way through the weave.

Step 5. Hair wefts should now be easy to lift from the wig.

Step 6. Use the tail of the comb again to loosen the holding stitch so that you can safely insert the scissors to cut the wefts

Step 7. Gently cut the retaining stitches.

Step 8. Use the end of the comb to pull the thread away from the woven hair so that the weft separates completely.

Step 9. Once the human hair wefts are safely removed, gently loosen the miniature rings with tongs. Carefully squeeze the rings in the opposite direction from the clamping rings, and once released, you can slide them down your hair. Note: Do not over squeeze the ring, otherwise it will wrinkle and difficult to remove. Gently apply pressure.

Step 10. Loose rings should easily slide down the length of the hair for removal. Discard the ring and do not reuse or attempt to push the ring further.

Step 12. If you are struggling, use a comb to gently untangle any tangles.

Step 13. Once pulled, you can comb your hair now. Do not try to brush directly into it with the comb as this can cause tension and breakage. Any knot, even dreadlocks, can be lightly brushed with your fingers, then brushed with the tail of the comb before touching the teeth of the comb!

Step 14. Finally, when the weft is removed and the hair is combed. Make sure your weft is safe and if you want to reapply the wefts later - take care of the wefts properly.

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