Hair Closure And Bundles - The Perfect Solution For Bald Women Who Want Longer, Healthy Hair!

We all know that hair closures with bundles are among the most popular ways to add length and fullness to thinning hair.
Do you want long, healthy hair? If so, I’ve got good news: hair bundles and closure help you achieve that. Hair bundles and closure are one of the perfect solution for women who want to grow thicker, fuller hair. That’s because hair bundles offer some of the best-performing products on the market today. I recommend them to all of my clients.

With our hair closure and bundles, you can easily and quickly for the perfect look.

1. Why hair closure with bundles is the perfect solution for your hair problem.
There are two reasons why you should consider hair closure with bundles. First, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve baldness, both in terms of money and time. Second, You can make the hairstyle you want according to your own preferences.

2. How to Choose Hair Closure with Bundles
Wigs are divided into lace wig and non lace wig. The difference between the two is whether there are lace part.
Among them, the lace wig is more popular among the public. It is made of hair bundles and lace closure. The density of lace closure is fixed. Therefore, if you want to make the density of the hair wig higher, you should choose a larger amount of bundles to sew.

3.How Many Bundles Are Needed with A Closure to Make A Wig?
First, you need to know your own needs for wigs. After wearing it, which length does the hair need? These are important elements that condition your purchase of products.

Similar to loose wave and body wave, curly hair with curvature. Compared with straight hair, so as to achieve the ideal position, we suggest you choose two more inches. Because the curly hair is curved, the length refers to the length after straightening the curly hair, not the length after curling. In other words, for straight hair and deep wave hair of the same length, visually, deep wave hair will be shorter.
Then, pick different quantities of bundles according to requirements
The number of hairs on the hair bundles depends on the length. Because the weight of each hair bundle is 100 grams, the length of the hair bundle is about long, and the less hair. On the contrary, the length of the hair bundle is about shorter, and the more hair.

So if you like to reach the length of 24 inches and below, three hair bundles and one hair closure are enough to meet the needs of most human;

If you would like the wig to reach 26 inches and more, we suggest that you choose 4 hair bundles and 1 hair closure.

But there is a special case. In terms of texture, because the curls of curly hair contains radians, curly hair looks fuller and fluffy than straight hair in the wig of the same density. After washing and air drying, the curly hair will be fully displayed, which is 50% more fluffy than the original state.

So for the texture of water wave, curly and deep wave, we still recommend three hair bundles. If the density is too high, the hair will be too full, neither easy to take care of nor beautiful!

Hair closures and bundles are a great way to deal with hair loss! Check out our Hair Closures Page for more information.