For Newusers, Why Is Skin Hair System Recommended In The First Place?

For newusers, why is SKIN BASE TOUPEE recommended in the first place?

If this is the first time you're wearing a hair system, a skin base toupee is a great choice. One reason is that it gives the most natural hairline in the front. The second reason is that it's a full skin men's hair system, so it sticks firmly to the head.

At Milsur, we offer three different thicknesses to replace full skin hairpieces for men. Our thickness options include ultra-thin skin wigs (0.03mm), men's thin skin wigs (0.04-0.06mm), the thinner the bottom, the more transparent.
The ultrathin skin base material is designed with an ultrathin material called polyurethane. The thinness of the material proves that it's very light, very light. Because of its light, invisible and fragile nature, it's the perfect foundation for a skin-like foundation that also looks like skin. When this ultra-thin hair system is applied to the scalp, it looks like your skin will appear between the hairs if you part your hair. These men's ultra-thin skin toupee also have a very clear hairline, so you don't have to worry about being recognized for a man's toupee if someone is standing next to you. It's another thing to feel like you know your money is in the right place when people compliment you on your hair. The roots were ventilated using a knotted system, but v-ring ventilation was used in the base of the ultrathin skin of the man's toupee. Since ventilation is essential for any man's toupee, this method is up to date and sensible, and does not require knotting techniques. The hair attaches to this base in the same way it looks to natural hair growing on the scalp. It provides the most unobtrusive look. And men's wigs are part of everyday life. No one wants people to know that they are covering up their flaws, perhaps in women's makeup or men's hair systems. This type of thin skin base can provide a real solution to hair loss. Many male pride protectors around the world are aware of the thin-skinned hair system. Thus, the price point is a secondary factor based on the satisfaction it provides.

You can choose the density of your hair according to your natural hair condition and preference. Our density options range from fine to thick: 80%-90%, 100%-110%, 120%-130%. We tie real human hair from the bottom too thin and too thick. The transition is designed to look realistic, as if hair is growing out of the scalp. A 120% -130% density hair replacement system is right and natural for many people.

Our products are loved and loved by customers all over the world. We can help you solve hair loss and get a different hairstyle immediately.

We are willing to negotiate to meet your requirements.